konadoods drawings

These are just some of my drawings, some are done with a Wacom Bamboo Fun and some are done on physical media. Please tell me what you think. If you guys like them I’ll post more


The drawing of Serj Tankianis is sweet!

Keep posting :slight_smile:

I like the one of the guy with the hat very much :yes:

Thanks for the comments, heres a few more


Great stuff. That still life of the crushed coke can is probably my favourite. Nice work on the ears and noses study too.

i like the doodles (spoken the way Morgan Freeman does) …

the first of your 2nd post … add serial numbers to the images, easier to comment … :slight_smile:

thanks for all the comments everybody, i love the feedback. the surreal floating treet thing isn’t complete yet, i think i’m gonna add more branches and roots, suggestions are welcome, thanks


decided i would add a newer one