Königsbacher pils

2 days of work on this project.
We really need self collision in particles syslem.

Modeling, rendering - Blender + Cycles.




Wow, very convincing and photorealistic.

Thank you guys )

Wow. Looks like you´ve put a lot of effort into this one. And it was definitely worth it. The bottle itself is one of the most photorealistic creations I´ve ever seen coming out of blender. I love the modeled drops running down the bottle. I´ve seen so much bottles / glasses and other stuff where these things where just textured. Even if this textured stuff is looking good, nothing can reach the look and feel of real geometry. Must have took ages to model and place that stuff :slight_smile:

The only thing I could nitpick about: the background. To me it looks like the mirrored bottle got “motion blurred”, which in my opinion is not really constructive. I would give it some regular blur, but for my eye it looks confusing if the blur has a direction. I like the color of your background, but I also would give it a rounder edge to make the result more smooth (on the spot where Background and Floor come together) and “photostudio like”.

But as I said, all in all this is really great work! Looking at your render I´m in temptation of grabbing one of these and enjoy it (even if I like our Austrian beer the most :slight_smile: ).

Great work, too many droplets maybe but great none the less!

wow, yummy. Nice work dude. Cheers !

Wonderful result!
Is the smoke been added in post production? I’ve been working on a similar image with a can, and the smoke simulation just won’t pop out like this.

fantastic job on this! One of the best product renders done with cycles I have seen. Looks real

Great render and I must say it makes me crave a beer a little so it will probably make excellent commercial poster.