Konqi + KDE ad animation moved due to heavy traffic!

this will be announced later on the proper place at KDE sites, but I thought to give you a little head start :slight_smile: besides… it’s mostly about Blender… and you are the potential people who like to see this stuff :slight_smile: hehheh…
and perhaps the animation could work as educational… who knows.

so. source blends are now released.
under LGLP, like all KDE material.

EDIT! Due to the dot.kde.org post my kimppu.org site went down quite fast.
too much downloading on short time…
I’m glad of course that people download and seem to like it, but… I would’ve wanted to see some kimppu the rest of the month too :slight_smile:

so, the movie and sources are now available on my other server:

any questions…? fire away!


very good. the only thing bothering me in the anim is: the rope could use of bit more weight.

It’s very kind of you to share this with us, basse. Your blend file incentivises me to learn more about the NLA Editor.

BTW, I can’t open the file ‘konqi_0.1.blend’ from the first tarball.

great :slight_smile:

it’s open source. so go ahead and fix it :slight_smile:
change the name, make it yourself, and sell millions.

(that’s not the only fault in this anim… but tell you the truth…sometimes, we have to make sacrifces…and I made some in this part… deadline was the next day… I just. didn’t have any, and I mean ANY more time to fix it… )

glad to see there are people out there…


and sorry yes, the blend was broken in the first one, so I uploaded new package… it’s now fixed, I hope. :slight_smile: dont know what happened…


Basse’s work is on dot.kde.org
People seem to like it a lot! (But why shouldn’t they! It’s a GREAT animation!)

Well done, Basse!

We have 2 styles of wondeful Konqi. Plesae have a look at the flash movie: konqi acts in SWF
eaguirre rendered it by testing his new swf render script, which looks absolutely promising!
eaguirre also calls for Blender animation files for test. You can find the details here

Big thanks to you Basse :slight_smile: I’m sure I (and many others) can learn a lot through your blend files :smiley: