konqi the kde dragon (3.10: animation+sounds added @pg2)

yep. took me forever… well, I didn’t really work on it for loooong time, but now found it from one HD at work, and decided to finish it finally. it’s the KDE mascot dragon, called “konqi”.


edit 2.10:

turned out that I’m going to do several short fast animations with this character, to be used here and there by KDE people, for PR purposes.

also pictures for different type of purposes. I post them here as we go along…

here’s the first ad:

http://www.kimppu.org/basse/kde/final_med_snd.jpg http://www.kimppu.org/basse/kde/final_med_snd.avi

here’s my project page for this:


I remember when you posted this guy a long time ago.

Turned out really nice. The anim looks good too, but too short. :wink: %|


cool, what does KDE stand for?

Modron: K Desktop Environment. It’s a popular *nix desktop.


now you gotta make a wallpaper (actually, i think this would suit a splashscreen better) and post to www.kde-look.org

the K originally stood for kool
as in the kool desktop environment (as opposed to cde I suppose, which defenetily wasn’t cool (it was common, I think. and a bit ugly))

not bad…sure is better than anything i can create! it could be a pretty good character! he’s cute!

Nice work! I’d like to see a close up of his head, though. Also a wire would be nice.

As for the K in KDE, I remember reading a dialog box in KDE 2 which said that it doesn’t really stand for anything in particular, but K for KDE comes just before L for Linux in the alphabet so they say it represents KDE being a desktop environment and ‘coming before’ Linux… ie as in a DE / WM.

Kinda makes sense.


Great model! I’m glad to know the dragon appears in places besides my shutdown menu… I’ve never seen him anywhere else, strangley.

Looks just like the official… could we see some renders from different angles?

plantperson (and others):
the thing is, the original is in 3dstudiomax format, or something like that… so, first of all this is completely stupid ofcourse, linux mascot designed with windows only software.
nobody can open it… and even if it would be possible to bring 3dsmax objects into blender, we all know how horrible the converted objects are.
besides, we don’t need no stinking 3d studiomax! :wink: and I wanted something that is done with linux for the linux. something that is easy to use, pose, animate… whatever…

so, that is perhaps a reason why you don’t see it much anywhere… and if you see, it’s always the same pose… let’s see if we can do anything about that :slight_smile:

as requested, some other shots/poses, and wires.
sorry again, they are done in quite a hurry… and this time there is no postpro so you see what is there… :slight_smile:





As a KDE user, i like it.
Maybe you should post the Blend on kde-look.org, so that artists can use it (and are forced to use Blender… :slight_smile: ) Or offer it to Distris, which come with Blender (Suse for example), when you think its ready to publish. Ready to use, with a good Armature and maybe some RVKs, this would be really usefull! But of course you plan to publish it first here on Elysiun, don’t you? :wink:

Good work!!


PS: For you first picture, i would like him to to burn the evil M$ flag instead of a KDE-logo…

I like him, especially on the ‘behind’ image.

The first image (spitting fire) is too dark in my opinion - and the pose seems strange - but the deeper I get into animation with Blender myself the more I learn how difficult it is to get good, strong poses.

Freeing him from 3DS Max was a good choice, basse :D!

:slight_smile: thanks… yea… those poses are all very quick ones… and I’ll be doing some more finished works later on… the fire breathing will be splash screen… and the yoga will be desktop background… but more on those later… this is little something I keep myself busy at work when days are otherwise slow… :slight_smile:

and yes. .blend will be put out ofcourse. that was the original idea. I just fix the rest of the little bugs in colormap and uvlayout… and those predefined rvk’s was a good idea too. have to see about that.

I have been thinking of contacting KDE team too if there is a need for prerendered graphics of konqi… have to see about that too… but all in good time… we are in no hurry here.


Hmm, I think he needs eye lids. Now he looks like he’s psycho :o . Eye lids will make him look happier. Couple of hemispheres should do it for the amount of detail you want. If you really want to be fancy you can add nice rounded edges to them.


Cool :smiley: Looks to be pretty accurate.


this dragon will be used in several very short KDE ads.
the first is the simplest idea I could think of…

and here it is:

sounds will be added in couple of days.

people who check it out, please let me know if it’s too dark… my monitors are quite whacked when it comes to brightness, so I have no idea really :slight_smile:

and project page for this is:

Hey that was very well done, the animation was flawless and the brightness is just fine.

I din’t really see anything wrong with that.

Good work!

Nice. Reminds me of Croc. The PC game. :smiley:

That’t really kool and a great inspiration for me to keep plugging away trying to learn blender’s armatures and not desert to something else if it can produce this quality of work.

Did you use a path/stride settings to move the dragon around or did you loc keyframe the dragon armature in the various locations? Because making him move so well, fly, turn around and fall over etc. is stuff i’ve never seen covered in NLA tutorials.

Thanks, keep up the great work.

Wicked stuff, basse! The brightness is fine.