Konqi updates (9/11 : added little 360 animation)

new version of Konqi the KDE dragon is coming along.
tweaks here and there… colormap needs fine tuning still, but overall I’m starting to be quite happy with him. so new version release is upon our hands … as they say :slight_smile:



Awesome .
I love it .

Only crit would be the eyes look like they need a little gloss to them .

thanks… yes, the eye thing could also be because of poor lighting I have in that “scene”.

anyone ever used KDE must have come across this “crystal” icon theme… well, here’s a little 360 anim I did after finishing the colormap and final tweaks I had to do for this model… so … it was just for fun, nothing special.



Lovely! You’ve definitely your own recognisable style. But, this image reminds me the Amiga age with shiny reflective balls on the checkerboard :wink:
BTW what’s with your Omituisten otusten kerho (or how was that…)?

Basse you’re a true master animator! Konqi a classic in the making. Love the fine details, spots on the side of Konqi’s face, the detail around the mouth, very nice.

By the way, my 3 and 5 year old nephews love your yleiskuva videos. They laugh a lot, jump up and down, and try to sing along, but for some reason they end up only humming along. I haven’t had the heart to tell them the videos are sung in Finnish. :smiley:

Will have to keep a look out for the KDE crystal icons.

Really cool, basse.
His eyes don’t appear to be wholly circular… how do you get them to rotate like that?

He looks fantastic, so full of character :slight_smile:

Just noticed something, thought I’d point it out in case it could help you in any way…
Hi scarf seems to go through his neck in the 360 degree animation, two seconds in… it’s on the back of is neck, on his right.
But fun stuff… I have it looping in the corner of my workspace. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks.

the “Omituisten Otusten Kerho”, is almost done. all animating is done. I’ve put it on the shelf currently, so I can take some time away from it, and then take one weekend and open the blends, check it out again, and if I still like the results, I do the final rendering… I am in no hurry with that one… but I’m sure I’ll be releasing it before christmas.

thanks for noticing the scarf. in this animation it doesnt really matter, but I check it out more closely, and if this is something that happens everytime I rotate head, I fix the vertgroups. thanks again.

interesting that you noticed the eyes… :slight_smile: because yes, they are not round, and that makes them a bit more tricky to do. I had some problems with them, and tried different systems how to make them animatable… currently, I’m using armature bones with vertice groups. that gives me a little flexibility, but also limitations.
so far, this is the best solution for me, I can turn them, move them, make them pop out (with streching effect) and also the area around the eye reacts to this… so they look like they are attached to something :slight_smile:


yop basse, cool model…

I thinks, you must add more hard specularity on eyes and make more details for the iris texture…

But it’s a very cool job :wink: :Z

Nice stuff as usual basse. Concerning the eyes, have you tried using lattice deformers? You just make spherical eyes, add a lattice and squash the eye. Then you can rotate the eye as normal and do stretchy cartoon eyes. Much easier than bones:


hmm…no I haven’t tried that lattice way in the eyes… I can give it a try today, but are you sure it works like that… I mean… Konqi eyes are stretched all the time, instead of regular sphere shaped. so there would have to be a little lattice strech by default… how would the rotate affect that?

also there is the issue of eyesockets that hav to fit eyes.

well, I make some tests later on… but this system I have here now, is not that bad either.