Konqui the Dragon

Hi there,

This is a modelling exercise I decided to do when I saw this awesome Artwork by TysonTan.

It’s difficult to make the 3d version look so cute, as the drawn perspectives are not based on realistic proportions :wink:
I will definately have to move the mouth and the eyes back, but doing this will make them disappear in frontal view…

imo, you should not use AO if you are trying to match the style. straight toon shading would be best. I am no expert on toon shading, but I know there are a couple tuts out there.

Hi Modron,
Thanks for your comment. However I don’t intend to get a real cartoon look. In fact I haven’t decided which look to give this and this was only an initial test render with very quick shaders done for that (though I like the colors and the final look will go along this direction).