Koosh ball

Well this afternoon I was bored and I was playing around with blender and I made this cool koosh ball using a fractaled UV sphere and particles. I don’t know if anybody has any suggestions to make it better or what. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j123/jworld2/kooshball.jpg

Kewl. Can you modify the strand shader to give it more of a fuzzy feel. The strands/particles look really sharp and aliased; so is their shadow. Although, the koosh ball’s strands are thicker and more well defined.

That’s what I was thinking - the strands are plastic, so not necessarily more fuzzy, but thicker and maybe just a touch less of them.
Otherwise, nice work :slight_smile:

yeah, your koosh ball look more like a giant basketball-sized one with the standard sized “threads”. Like Bakerman said, try to get a touch less threads and make them thickers.

use force fields in order to make it look like its been used and also to simulate the surface contact between the floor and the ball itself.

Its really very easy to do, about 15 minutes of work if that.
the only question is knowing how to do it which really isn’t that tough;
but also, how committed are you to the existence of this koosh


I’d agree with making them thicker and maybe less of them. Though now I can easily tell it’s supposed to be a koosh ball.

Alright, I got rid of a bunch of the strands and I shortened them slightly. I also made them thicker though now they look flat and not round like a real koosh ball. anybody know how to fix this? Magicmyshu, I have no idea how to do force fields.


compare to a real koosh ball- http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j123/jworld2/Koosh.jpg

Also, I might not be able to reply again until Monday afternoon sometime. Sorry.