Kopek Music Video

Right here it is, Kopek’s Music Video for their single stop. I’ve being making it in my spare time for the past 6 months, first attempt at 3D and its my first commercial animation project. I studied graphic design but I’m hoping to get into more of this kinda stuff.

Online version looks crappy and dark due to compression but fook it. Let me know what you think.

I’m also looking for an arse-load of Competitions / Festivals / Mags / Online Mags / Websites / whatever… to put the video into. Get mine and Kopek’s name out there. So post up any links whatsoever, Cheers in advance

Well heres the video,


The entire video was made in Blender, even 2d sections. Textures from photos and photoshop. Character and 2d textures done in Adobe illustrator.



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what a fantastic music video! great character and set design, great animation - it’s all there.

Excellent! Very impressive piece of work! Did you come up with the concept entirely or was it a collaboration?

I really loved this!
It was imaginative and well put together.

I quite liked the song too actually.


Very nice!:smiley: You should try to get a better vid up somewhere Youtube sucks for this type of thing .

Wow…im impressed. And that monster is doing blender @ work too as it looks, can you confirm? As you said its a bit dark, but other than that it looks great. Great story.

“Metro, boulot, dodo” the harsh reality of many people. Really liked the vid. The 2D pieces were verry wel integrated and I liked the TV. Seeing the splash on the screens in the office you used 2.42, why?

wwoooowww - what a fantastic music video…!!!

and a cool song too…

brilliant work, man!!

Great work. Love the concept.


that was awesome!!! i would luv to see a video up somewhere better then youtube! but i could still see it and it looked AWESOME! those 6 monthes were well spent!

Great music video. I love it and it’s really smoothly done. My only critic would probarly be the city. It looks pretty plain, but that’s pretty understandable when thinking that it’s an animation.

Very Nice :D.
You did a really great job, the animation was smooth and the 2d part looked awsome :cool:.
However the texture for the person/thing :wink: I think could have been improved.
Great Job :smiley: 5 stars.

Really nice work! Great video!!!

Outstanding concept and composition sir-d. Liked the music also. Did you use a planet Jupiter texture for your main character? Very nice

Great video! I would really love to see it in better resoulution though…

Cheers everybody for the feed back, very glad to hear you like it. The blender community’s approval was one of the highest on my list. I’m working on a micro-site to view the video and the making of the video and should have it up soon, I’ll let you know as soon as its up.

No collaboration, I did the entire thing on my own. I got some help with the sound effects at the end. Was hard work, the longest part was coming up with the story and designing its look and feel.

Yea thats blender on his screen, I though it would be a nice touch. Its like a secret among the blender-heads, we’re the only ones to notice it.

To get the characters integrated at the end with a kind of bad-TV effect on them I rendered the scenes out as different layers including their alpha layer. On some scenes up to 6 layers. I then brought the layers into After Effects and could apply colour changes and effects to a selected layer, i.e. the 2d-chara layer

Not the first time I have being asked that but no its not Jupiter its actually a photo of some wood I messed around with in Photoshop.



you can also download a highish-res version of the video there

Cheers again

Great scene concept…nice music video…

love it great stuff.

the style of illustration :smiley: is real good

first attempt at 3D? Yeesh! You sir, have some skills.

Great video! And good music too… the bass player actually has some skills. I like the tone he’s getting. Good work!