Korean War

I had an idea to make an image and then an animation on the under remembered Korean Conflict. I have modelled a M2A1 flame thrower. And yes I am getting inspiration from MAS*H. I plan on having it be realistic and vivid.
The flame thrower is not textured or completely finished this is just the base.


this is a noob question on my part, but how do you do the tube/cable that connects the tanks to the gun? im confused whether there’s an easy way or not…

Don’t call yourself a noob there are plenty of tricks that some people don’t know.

  1. Add a bezier circle.
  2. In object mode add a separate bezier curve.
  3. In the BevOb box of the curve on the editing buttons type in the name of the circle.
    Got it?

lol thats the technique that first came to mind, i just didnt know if it wouldve worked or not. thanks for confirming that.

No problem. C&C would be appreciated.

well, you could start by smoothing those tanks.