Korei Charachter Sculpt

Hey there,

I’m Michael Kimber but everyone calls me Kimber. I’m new to all this 3D CGI stuff, I’ve got to say I’m having so much fun! But- I’m a beginner and I could really use some help.

I have been working on creating a fox like character for a story I am currently developing. The story is a bit rusty and could use some other characters (I am working on it). I might try target an adult audience; who knows? Otherwise I am totally open to any ideas or themes you might have.

The following character Korei was sculpted in ZBrush and was imported into Blender for some additional edits and modeling. The sculpt is by no means amazing, but you must give me some credit- this is my first :wink:. The sculpt is based off my sketches which I have added below, if you have any tips/critique please light up the comments section.


The image above is the sketch which I based the sculpt on. I know the sculpt doesn’t look the same as the sketch but at least- I tried.


Oh, I also made a 2 min process video it was for a technology education competition so I’ll let you guys know If I win. Otherwise, if you want to check the video out, I’ve linked it here as well

My Animation Process Video:

Here are a couple things I would like to get help on, If you have the time :wink:. (Sorry some of the questions are quite vague, I don’t really know where to start with the more complex features :woozy_face:)

  1. Fur
    How would one create high quality textured and clumped fur?

  2. Textures
    How to create metallic for the helmet?
    How to create cloth texture for clothes?
    How to create Glossy eyes?

  3. Cloth Simulation:
    How to apply a good simulation to clothing?

  4. Rigging
    What are some good rigging techniques?

  5. Animation
    What are some good animation techniques?

  6. Modeling
    What are some good modeling techniques for creating additional assets?

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Great work! It looks really good, especially for a beginner.

  1. The particle system in hair mode is good enough to make hair, though the tools aren’t ground breaking. The new principled hair BSDF should help with creating realistic hair though.
  2. All of these can be done with the principled shader. Just put the metallic to 1 for metal, drop in a cloth texture to the colour and bump for clothes, and for glossy eyes, set the roughness to 0 or almost 0.
  3. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with cloth sim, but I know the soft body simulator can do it.
  4. There are many free rigs you can download and set up on your character, depending on how advanced you want the rig to be.
  5. This will just come down to learning the fundamentals of animation. I believe Pixar actually released some interesting videos on how to animate.
  6. This comes down to the shape of the object and the style you’re using. Box modelling is popular since it is quick and easy to get started with.

Thank You!
I really appreciate the time you set aside to help me out, it means a lot to me :blush:.