Korn Or Slipknot.

i just want to see if more people like korn or slipknot.

Thats two completely different bands you’ve got there.

your point?..

I thought Korn was a *nix shell.

what is that? a *nix shell?

korn (except there new cd)

yeah i dont like there new cd as much… i like there old stuff 1993-2003… i dont like see u on the other side

what is that? a *nix shell?
Lol, *nix shell -> LInux or Unix

Um, Slipknot - their stuff is way too out there for general radio-play, hence I don’t have to change the station whenever they come on.
I dislike them both equally.

o ok well poop on u! haha jk jk… i hate slipknot…

Korn is cool!


If I had to choose between Korn or Slipknot- give me Korn any day, if for no reason other than seeing them fight pirate ghosts on South Park and turn into popcorn-

Personally, I am more of a Ministry fan, L.O.R.A.H. through Filthpig-

I’d have to choose KoRn, Slipknot cant even make good music with 9 (?) people in their band.

Untouchables was korn’s best album imo

yeah there homos…um i liked issues and Untouchables…(luv your avatar pic…that movie owns)…i dont get why Cory Taylor(lead singer of slipknot) made a new even gayer band Stone Sour

That movie did own, and about Cory Taylor, I think he finnaly found out slipknot sucked.

he did like in 2004ish…becuz he new that Slipknot SUCKED…and he made stone sour… witch even sucked more then slipknot…

they’re both pretty awful and pretty mallcore, i like devin townsend and strapping young laddd

but if i had to choose, slipknot, but it’s not a great choice


I win!!!

Personally i prefer slipknot, korn are abit too wierd for me if you know what i meen. Stone sour are pretty damn good as well imo

as in trr?