Koschei The Deathless - 3D model

Dear friends, I am happy to present my new 3D model! This is a completely rigged futuristic robot. His name is “Koschei The Deathless”. I hope you will like it. As usual, the model is free and you can use it for any purposes under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.


nice work !!!

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That design looks very nice and the rig seems to be quite versatile.

The style is spot on and the renderings are really solid. :+1:

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Now that I had some time I decided to inspect this model more closely.

The versatility of the armature exceeded my expectations and and you really have gone to great lenghts to ensure that this character has wide range of movement without any parts clipping. That is very impressive work. :+1:

I could go into more details but I let my blender 2.80 eevee rendering with volumetric lights to do the talking:


Thank you! The eevee rendering looks really awesome!

I got a request from solkap to to publish the version of the model which I converted to blender 2.80 eevee. So here’s the blend file for my rendering above:


To render this you need to go scenes in order from 1 to 4 and press F12 to render on each scene to get the final result.