KOUKY movie is finished

It’s about penguins, drugs & war.

a picture :

a link :
( 30 Mo / 5 minutes of animation )

looks like aphex twins pink tank :stuck_out_tongue: DL now…

…dang too many megs for my little dial up sorry, I see so many posted animations id like to see and comment on, but 31kb rate just don’t cut it.
Sorry :expressionless: still looks good though.

aphestwins tank ?
what’s that ?

Oh just a mad musician who had/has his own pink tank complete with soundsystem, I think the idea is to stop the police removing your sound equipment from noise complaints!

I imagine you’ll get a better response if you use better compression on your file. I too would like to see it, but I’m too lazy to download a file that large for only 5 minutes of animation…


OH ! you meant Aphex twin ?


I think i nearly own all his tracks, but i did’nt knew about the tank.

OMG that website is damn awsome.

i shall spend a few hours there looking around, its very entertaining. still downloading the video but i jsut thought i’d coment on the website LOL

its definatly worth a mention. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the website’s comment.
I’ve spent hours and hours to make it as it is now.


oh and yeah the movie does also rock alot.

and yes i understand how much work you put into the website.

the only thing i don’t like is the rock wall but that is under construction still so i guess it will be fixed.

LOL the game is cool and i love the tv a lot.


I watched it and it took me a few minutes to snap out of it. Lots of symbolism and subconscious imagery. You should enter it in animation festivals. I think it’s quite good.

Haha :smiley:

I had no idea what the hell was going on, but I do know that I loved every minute of it. It’s unique toony syle and the sheer madness of it are addictive.

You have a hit, make sure more people watch it.

madcow his entire website is that cool and adictive.

i am madly in love with the kung foo guy video movie thing. thats trippy LOL


Kung fu video is not by me.
You must have reach it by surfing on the “links” section of my site…

Nb : the video is made by the guy who made the music of KOUKY


Great piece of work. I was especially impressed by the last war sequence. The sense of space and camera angles in this sequence are very good.
And also loved the elevator doors floating in minimalist white space.

Submit, exhibit and publicise like there’s no tomorrow! It will do you and Blender a lot of good. :slight_smile:
Best of luck.

i had the same impression as m@dcow. i really liked it, but i had like no idea wut was going on and i was totally trippin out, ill have to watch it agian with an altered state of mind some time

Wow… really really messed up… but neat! :wink:

Samir, actually, i’m selling it as a videoCD.
the box :

Price : 8 Euros + shipping

Dude, even the cd box is a work of art :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you all the luck in the world; Hope you sell billions :wink:

Hehe! Funny! You must be smoking a lot of pot. I mean loads of pot.:wink:
I especialy enjoyed the end. That disco battlefield rocks. And the sound effects are funny when they fall from the sky.
Keep up.

i love it, it’s so good, just 3 questions
1 what drug are the penguins on?
2 were you on the same drug while making it?
and 3 where can i get some of this drug?

BTW about aphex twin, he lives in an old bank.