KOwen difficult Collision

Hello every body. My name is KOwen and i’m a blender user:rolleyes: oh! yes of course. I 'v a small problèm

  1. my english is too bad, so ,…
  2. i’m maked a Cloth in Blender . the Cloth working nicelly, but i haved a problem with hes collision with differents objets, like a cube, sphere…
    so can you help me to resolve this problèm??:o :o

Great thanks. sincerely…

Hey kowen! Welcome to Blenderartists! If you could post pics or a .blend file with your problem, we’d be able to help you a lot better.

Great thanks to you. But my Computer haved:( (excuse me so, my english is toooo bad) a problem and i lost my blender file. Juste for a virus:mad: .
hum;. I’m not to my computer every day. juste every saturday

You can’t have images in your signature here. I suggest removing it before a moderator does. And, You should’ve posted this in a support section.