I don’t know why. Really, I don’t.

Cause it’s great :stuck_out_tongue:

hilarious!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

great animation!! (could you make an avi of that?)

I’ve seen that like 20 times before, and it’s still hillarious to watch.


oh pleaase, don’t get me wrong, i didn’t make that. Some guy with a lot of imagination did.

For blendermax…

Try any two extensions, such as, bmp2avi, tga2jpg, avi2wav…
…chances are, it’s out there. :wink:

Thanks QWERT, and Carnivore, next time clarify that its not your work in your post! (i know it would have been in the wrong forum if it were yours, but that happens here too often so you never know… :-? )

I don’t get it, is it that you can’t stop teh song? There’s nothign going on in the background…


My eyes, they burn…http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/hykubenjiro/icon_ko.gif

I can’t believe someone videotaped me dancing to my favorite song and posted it on the internet…now I’m like the star wars kid.

Desoto - look at your postcount!!! :smiley: it’s “1337”!! hihihihi!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s terrific!

Worse then “badger badger”?

Most definately.

hhhhhhhaaaaahahhhhhha!!! this is so awesome!!!

BTW: what program do you reacon they made it?

Tracked it to the source:

They (Duck Studios) use Maya, Softimage, Combustion, After Effects, Avid Xpress, Media 100, Photoshop, Painter, and US animation.

And ah, look what else they’er responsible for:
http://www.duckstudios.com/duck.htm (Portfolio/CGI/Montage)

Also check out Contact/Job opportunities
It says they are contintuously looking for experienced freelance animators
and CGI artists.

I like the dynamic behaviors of his belly. It’s neat, except for the fact that it looks like Barney the Dinosaur a bit.

i can only second to that

Is there something i need to be installed to view it? All i can see is a box that says KOZO with a play, forward, rewind, stop, and pause buttons and the thong song playing in the background…?

Have you tried installing/updating Flash Player?