Heres a scene I created in Cycles 2.7x, using a mix of recycled materials and sleek modern elements.

Rendered on GPU with 700 samples.


I see the effort you’ve taken to make this, but please look up ‘Bump mapping’. Basically it removes flatness in a scene like this. There are some really good tutorials for this on youtube ao.

I know what bump mapping is. Its used in nearly every material in this scene, if you had the time to carefully assess the image you probably would of noticed.

My bad, I now notice the floor has bump mapping on it and I was wondering if the left wall has an bump map. However the cabinets right door seem flat and the brick wall either has an inverted bump map or is missing an displacement of sorts. Don’t take my advise the wrong way, I do love parts of this render. For example the details on the cabinet and the plant in the corner. But there seems to be something of with this render, thus my advise.

I don’t think what is of are the materials but the lightning which I think is one of the most dificcult things to get right. Usually the out side would be a little overexposed when taking an indoor photo. Other than that the chair at the right seems like is about 1cm in the air, and the brick wall would look a lot better with a displacement map than with a bump map because the intersection between the two walls looks very plain like if the bricks doesn’t have volume. That said I really like the materials especially the one in the chair.

Yeah i think a displacement map would of worked a little better. The chair looks like its in the air because of the rubbers on the bottom of the legs, have you seen the effect of constant wood on wood contact? its not pretty haha :smiley:

Also, the cabinets right door has a bump map, notice the wood grain bump is the only thing giving it that effect

the wall clock and the wall texture is good …but not the bricks texture it doesnt seem looks like real

the clock and wall texture is good but not the bricks looks like an image…

wall texture is really good