It’s very simple scene from my home.

Great texturing and modeling!!

Absolutely wonderful!!

4 stars from me

Martin, once again you stun me with your incredible grasp of textures and lighting! My only (extremely minor) crit of this shot is the lack of subtle (and it would have to be very subtle) depth/thickness to the leaves. However, this does not really detract from the shot. Excellent work, sir.

Yes, very well done.


Very nice warm autumn atmosphere nod

Those leaves… hehe what bothers me are the veins… Done many plants, to get realistic leaves they need to be modeled, but your texturemap solution is nice if the leaves are not on close-up :wink:

4 :smiley: are loving this piece for the creativity

5 :eek: for the amazing texturing and modeling

7 :slight_smile: because this piece is so original

(I saw someone use this posting style on another forum a while back and it made me laugh so I tried it out)

:eek: :eek: OMG!!! Thats the most realistic photo i mean 3d art ive ever seen!

I really, really like it. Any chance to get this in 1240x960? :slight_smile:

Well, have a look at :wink:

Very impressive! Your colors and lighting really stand out to me as excellent. If I’m not mistaken, I may even see a bit of SSS on the upper part of the cloth?

Aside from what’s already been said, I think that the branch at the bottom of the screen looks like its texture is a bit low res/undetailed. The background also doesn’t appear to me to blend with the foreground completely (you can tell what’s an image and what’s 3d.

Still, these are pretty minor crits and overall the image is fantastic. Great work! :slight_smile:

skypa, the helmet in that picture made me cry.


Or better yet:

Sorry, dragging this of-topic. Great job, again.

impressive, great mood. :slight_smile:


mzungu: You have true with your crits. But I choosed more realistic variant leaves(in my eyes).

MartyJ:lol nice rating :slight_smile:

tarkata14:You must see much more 3d works for healthy view.

skypa:sorry this work have in this resolution. maybe i will try it rerender and repostprocess

/If I’m not mistaken, I may even see a bit of SSS on the upper part of the cloth?/
I don’t use SSS.
/you can tell what’s an image and what’s 3d./
here is screen from blender and wire

How did you do the leaves and the background? It looks great!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Wow, wow, wow, wow that is a incrediple, picture ( do you use Yayfray)?

great work G_Taurus,
the lighting is lovely here, 4*


your work is always the best.

do you ever animate? i’d love to see what you would do with animation.

/do you use Yayfray?/
No, I work often with Blender internal renderer. I have much more control on final look.

:[email protected]:.:
/How did you do the leaves and the background?/
leaves are alfa textures on primitives planes and I used proportional tools. Background is photo texture, little blur.

/do you ever animate?/
Very little in my beginning with Blender. Nothing to see.

This is great.
Those leaves are amazing.
The top bar disturbs me somehow.
Maybe it’s the texture.

@G_Taurus: Thanks for the wireframe views. I was almost sure that was meant to be some SSS. I was just giving critique because I like it so much. No offense intended.