I needed a break from the animation and decided to practice some modelling for a change. I am a total noob, so right now I can only do really simple stuff. But there is no rule that prevents me from showing off my first steps, right? :smiley:


Hey, what are you talking about mate, your not bad at all. Look at that robot u made, and these fish thigs are cool too. My only critique is thesecond render, the fog or whatever is too foggy.

I think you are ready for more complex things, all you need to do is try.
Gd Luck!

Thanks for the nice words and the encouragement, DDD.

I come from a programming background and know that it needs a lot of time and practice to gather these kind of creative skills. But when I look at all the great stuff the people here do, I sometimes forget that and wish I would be able to do those things myself (Right now, dammit! :D)

I agree that the second image isn’t so nice. Just tried to do some underwater-ish lightning, but I guess that’s something else I have to learn yet.

for underwater lighting try using a light with a cloud or musgrave texture applied to it to give that shimmering effect of the meshs. Love the models, sometimes simple is just a good as detailed!!

Thanks for the tip, Khnum. I didn’t know that you could texture lights. I applied that technique with a wood texture to the rendering of my second model:


I think you are quite ready for something more challenging. Your models look very well made.

Thanks, Animaticoide. I will try my best :slight_smile:

I have to agree, it looks to me like you are definitely ready to challenge yourself, but I also agree that good art doesn’t have to be complex art. Some of my favourite images are quite simple and your creations are already good as they are. I love the style you are developing as well, very creative and super kawaii! :yes:

The tip about textured lights was a good one, I just discovered that and now use cloud textures on my spots to soften my lighting (taken from a tutorial on lighting rigs on blender wiki or somewhere). I would also think about using halo lights though to get some volumetrics going on as you normally see rays penetrating through the surface when under water. If you search Google for underwater images (maybe put “light rays” in the search) you should find plenty of examples. I could be wrong (I’m a noob myself) but I’m sure halo lights can do that.

Anyway keep up the good work and happy blending :smiley:

it says LINK EXPIRED. Does anyone know where to read about creating such light strikes as seem in oceans? I know halos with high sampling give medium results. but I am not totally satisfied with it. there must be something else somewhere.:confused:

nice concept .

Your work reminds me of krapooyo

Thanks to all of you for the nice feedback.

@Lancer: Although the thread title suggests it, I didn’t know “krapooyo” before. But you are right, it has some similarity, probably because of the saucer eyes and the general simplicity of the models. Thanks for pointing it out. This really nice movie will inspire me in the future, for sure :slight_smile:

Although it might not look like it, I did challenge myself a little bit with my latest model. It’s the first time I have used the deform option on a rig and did some weight painting. I think I learned quite a lot doing it. Here it comes:


I thought about the suggestion to try something more challenging and decided to model a complete scene. Following ben’s example, I did a very rough sketch of it and plan to refine it step by step. I hope I will be able to finish it. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.


I like my new rug :slight_smile:


I made my first model of a human head, yay!
I think it is not bad for a first try.
The topology could be better, but that doesn’t matter too much since I don’t plan to animate it.


i really like your style! its like everything you make automatically looks cute :slight_smile: nice work! i like the human head… maybe change the colour a little and the lips need a little work… the nose though looks excellent!

full contact. creatures my favourite with 1 eye.

I agree. Very nice style.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to all of you for the nice feedback!

I guess my stuff is mainly cute because of the big round eyes. I read somewhere that those trigger some instincts related to babys. Whatever, I just prefer to do something that’s looking nice because it makes the time doing it, well, nicer :o

Just to contradict myself, I am attaching a quick test render with the head in the scene. It looks a bit spooky.