Krayonn's Sketchbooks

Hello everybody
I’m starting this sketchbook
so I can get better at sculpting
and here is a quick sculpt


Here is another sculpt I did is a random character in Dragon ball z style


Welcome to the sketchbook forum. Nice style, keep it up!

Thanks you

Here is a quick sketch of a gnome head


A zombie sculpt

Time: 30min


The zombie is really funny! :slight_smile: It is a true zombie, it has all the zombie things… Nice gnome as well! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks m-squared.

I got a new sculpt it is one of my best female sculpt i ever made. Going to keep on working hard to get better at sculpting females and everything else.

Here is a speed sculpting video of the elf



Not bad good work here…I’m sure You soon will make some Killer Sculpt.

Hope You don’t mind But I see a lot of fireflies in Your render…Here is a link to help get rid of them…

I like Your Dragon Ball z style sculpt but fireflies spoil it.

Look forward to see a nice Pinup girl…:slight_smile:


Thanks Taipan,

Here is another go at sculpting a woman, will work on the hair more.

Trying to figure out how to sculpt an eye still needs a lot of work

Update on the eye sculpt a little improvement.

a quick eye sculpt

sculpted lips and nose

learning how to sculpt an ear first attempt

An Elf Ear

Made a new head

Nice going Krayonn, I like the effort and progress, keep it up! :yes:

Here´s a little free skull reference tool that might help you learn to understand the underlying shapes of the head faster. (I find it very valuable to learn to sculpt the skull)
Also these are nice reference for male anatomy, just rotate the meshes a lot to look at the shapes from all angles to avoid flatness of the features:
Also a great exercise is to import the sculpts in the link below into your scene, put them next to your sculpt-shpere or whatever you start from and try to copy them.

Whether you use these or not, with your kind of consistency, your skills will skyrocket in no time!

Thanks PixelPete for all the links.

Here is the next sculpt i’m doing is Wesley snipes as blade.

This is the most challenging sculpt i ever done.

plan on doing the entire body

this is about 2 hours of work still need to do a lot more to make it look like him

Made some improvements on the sculpt getting closer to look like Wesley Snipes

So I decided to learn how to sculpt a skull. After I finish the skull I will add the muscle