This is my first useful render, sort of useful… My first time I was inspired by something and got cracking with bledner.
I see that I have trouble with Kremenkos ears but the reason for that is (I think) that his ears are a separate object and were just added to look like his ears, I think I wasnt so successful about that…
So what do you think? I am open for some critique and I`ll try to make the next version better (so tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or so…)


hi man, this is great for your first try. you picked a difficult subject. Not many beginners have the guts to try something this hard.

They don’t seem to realize that its projects like this one that they can learn the most from. I’ve seen so many n00bs just stick to “easy” stuff like furniture or still-life artworks, instead of taking the bull by the horns and learning from their mistakes.

Obviously there is a lot you can improve, but trust me, if you keep going it will come right. it just takes time. it usually works like this way.

So having said that, here are some crits:

  1. Modelling- your model has lots of room for improvement. I would suggest looking at reference pics of human facial anatomy. also, there are some awesome head-modelling tutorials on the web. just google it. :slight_smile: this is probably the first thing I would do if I was looking to improve the artwork.

  2. texturing- check out tutorials on “UV-texturing”. it will help you a lot.

  3. hair. you should comb it a bit and try to make it look more natural. right now it looks too much like “Toy Story 1” if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. background/lighting- try to find something a little more interesting for the background than just a grey color.

that’s it for starters. I hope it helps :smiley:


Thank you for your input, you have encouraged me to actually start working on this again, thanks… though it might take some while before I post the next version of Kremenko since my PC is like: MERCY! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMOAAAAR :frowning:

so yeah… I have abandoned blender for some time and stuck back to learning stuff like Arch linux, c++, various hardware stuff for what I have even been paid for. But that time is over now :slight_smile: Back to blender :smiley: