Kriegsmarine U-995 Reconstruction

I’m fast as the wind. Oryginal plans from German museums and the second stolen :wink: from Deutche militarists (I’v got big Bans).

The best reconstruction verified with books, photos, original documentation and 3rd party drafts:

It’s my first commercial fully textured ultra-model (complette instalations battle lighting, oryginal weapons, and full interior).

Never believe in german military archive projects [Sic!. Here are traps everywhere, draft in left bottom corner had to be done in a hurry [type9b]. I have to encode each element of geometry step by step, so work is much slowler than average modeling]

Rendersize: no upper limit.
Customers: Military Museums, Cinematic Vendors
Some renders for: EXPOSÉ 3 book by Ballistic publishing

holy crow

you are one ambitious guy, like the one man band of Blender PR or something :slight_smile:

Not only in Blender.

As you coud nottice cutouts [shnits] are from type 9b, i use them as universal construction rules for VIIC.

Archival photos are useles as geometry background [perspective is too deep], can be used as visual helpers only. Can you imagine. It’s almost impossible to find even one propertly made photo [global resources]!!!

I’ll try National Geographic resources yet [Again.I didn’t find nothing usefull about theme].

Man, this is very, very sweet.

I’ll be interested to see how you handle the holes on the side for the ballast tanks. Are you going to use booleans? I ask because so far I’ve had no luck at all making cuts with booleans in Blender. I’ve had to just rely on negative extrudes, which isn’t always satisfactory.

Keep us posted, this is quite promising.


Looking good, when do you expect to finish it?

Off to a really nice start.