Kris' 3D Sketchbook

I figured rather than keep posting different threads with various stuff, I’d post it all in one place.

So for my first post, it’s a quick 2 hour speed sculpt using Sculptris. I can only do so much detail because I’m on a laptop right now and anything over 100k polys slows it down…oh well. :frowning:

Anyway, here’s the first. Anyone with crits along the way is appreciated because we can always improve what we’re doing.

Nice :slight_smile: I really like the image.
And the fact that you made it in 2h really astonishes me :slight_smile:
Are you planning on texturing him? I would really love to see how it looks with another material.
Good Job!

looks great!
i really dont have any critiques, except to implore you to import to blender, texture, and render then ;D…and maybe add to blendswap "D

Thanks guys. I plan on doing more here soon, but I doubt I touch that head sculpt anymore. I’m not exactly sure what this Blendswap is all about, but if it’s about sharing, then I don’t mind people messing with this file.

Actually, this file would be great for me to retopo in Blender and do that whole thing. I’ve never retopo’d in it yet.