Krita 2.6 released!

Krita 2.6 released!
Splash screen was created by Enrico Guarnieri

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Today, the Krita team together with the Calligra team announces the release of Krita 2.6. Krita 2.6 is a new step in Krita’s development!

Not only are there hundreds of bug fixes and performance improvements all over the place, Krita 2.6 now incorporates support for the OpenColorIO colormanagement system which is a standard in the movie and VFX studio. This makes Krita a natural choice for 2D painting work in the movie and vfx pipeline. (Note: like OpenGL support, the Lut docker with OpenColorIO integration is only available on Linux.)

Another big improvement is in PSD support: Krita can now not only read, but also write Photoshop files!

Krita 2.6 release page

Krita 2.6 release PDF

What the users say

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“Krita has been instrumental to my work in high-end visual effects for the last year. It was an
important part of my team’s tool-set on upcoming Hollywood blockbusters. With the support
provided by the community and the main developers, I believe Krita will soon become the
standard in 2D image editing and painting on the Linux platform in feature film visual effects.” —
Simon Legrand, Senior TD, Reliance Mediaworks, Digital Domain London.


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“Krita’s brush interface is wonderful … it has several great features that Photoshop still lacks” —
Oscar Baechler, illustrator, 2D and 3D animator, rigger and designer.


Bleh, Arch Linux has it in testing still. Hopefully they’ll push it to the main repos by this weekend. Looks like really solid release (as does the new KDE). Congrats Krita Team!

Definitly going to try it out tonight, I feel like painting :smiley:

Looks great, never even heard of this before. Will def try out.

Gonna try this later, cause i only have Macs at work. Thanks!

I just tried it out for the first time ever. I had some problems finding the right tools at first but when I finally found the regular paint tool it was really fun exploring the different brushes :slight_smile:

I definitely like it so far. The brush system is amazing, even better than Photoshop’s I would say but I need to test it extensively with my tablet before making such statements.

Some brushes are very slow though, even when I’m working in relatively small resolution. Will a 64-bit version be released for Windows in the future?

Gave it a test run. Fantastic app! Love how intuitive it is as well as that symmetry.

I posed your question about 64bits on irc. The windows version still has a few performance issues I think. In the meantime these tutorials are really good for showing what the brush system is capable of

anybody get it to work in ubuntu 12.04? It completely kills my package manager.

For those that use this tool for the first time, go to David Revoy site. He has a wonderful set of brushes for krita and regularly write great articles about this tool.

Happy painting.

Almost forgot.
Windows users: you can check the progress of the windows builds of krita in this thread of krita forum. It seems that the windows version is still a work in progress (so, maybe it’s a little unstable).
Linux users: no problem, krita rocks in this OS.

i try a windows x64 without having problems, krita ia a very good alternative to PS and Painter which is very expansive. There is also My Paint v 1.1.0 but still buggy for the windows version.

The word from IRC is yes there will be a 64 bit windows build in the near future

Did you try the 32 Bit version of Krita on a Win 7 64 Bit ?
On my System Krita crashed while opening a new file->useless to work with.

MyPaint seems to be very stable on my System.

Kind regards

Krita 2.6, welcome…
except for Mac users.
Yes I’m running on a iMac and, unfortunately, I haven’t the aknowledge to built my own compilation.
Does anybody tryed it?
Im looking forward to have the money to change “the Big Mac” for a “simple PC”

Great but now that I have really tested it out at home I have noticed a much more serious problem than slow brushes.

My Wacom tablet doesn’t work in Krita and I read that it works only in Linux. I really wish I had a spare laptop lying around that I could install Linux on and use exclusively for painting in Krita but until I can use my tablet Krita is useless to me unfortunately. Still donated to the project though as it is a wonderful painting software :slight_smile:

Odd, it’s working fine on my cintiq (windows 7 64 bit). Did you install Calligra as well?

You can try to dualboot.

how wacom works out of the box also depends on distribution AND Dekstop environment.

In KDE hover click doesn’t work (even though option is active) for me, in cinnamon I have to calibrate manually.etc…

I had to align the moons to get it working,but it does,now.
You can also install ubuntu as a program in windows (wubi)

this is a great first step in trying to use linux

I have a Wacom Intous 5 which seems to work quite well for me in KDE. I had to write a script to get the buttons to do what I want them to. I just discovered the “save to pallete button”. I can now right click to change between brushes, I am loving painting in canvas mode.

Can’t even create a new document on win7. I’ve tried probably 50 times. Yikes. Not sure how you get to release 2.6 with this kind of stability. I’ll come back when it works.