Krita 2.7 Release

Grayscale masks, much much faster lasso selections and transforms, few new filters, etc. Another great release by the Krita Team.

List of new features on the site
David Revoy also wrote an article covering the various new features.

I haven’t tried krita yet,I think i’ll give it a go in the next couple of days

Oh I would kill for a mac version…

I like it !

I wonder how it holds up,is it a full paint app,along the lines of painter/artrage?

or is it also an image editor where you can manipulate channels,and do things useful for say,matte painting/working with photos etc?

It is very enlightening to see David Revoy’s videos and comments, thank for sharing this! I need to get my computer set up for linux soon, I am tired of being behind the times with the win8 only.

It has a bit of both, but it’s geared more towards digital painting. Edit: This was intended in response to ng-material. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a full paint app with a great brush engine. New version is working well on Windows now. I haven’t had any of those pesky frequent crashes. I was looking at purchasing Sketchbook Pro or something similar. No longer now that Krita is working well on Windows. Check out those awesome new transform tools!

could someone be so nice to tell, where a windows build is for this program?

It’s on Krita’s website under download. Then you click the link for the windows build which takes you here:

many thanks SaintHaven

And, then is it a regular download with installer. Click ‘Run’ as usual and… Hey, I don’t know. Some of you guys are savvy enough to compile builds and all that stuff.

Man, Krita is already so much better than GIMP… They just got last year’s Warp Transform (Liquify) scheduled for a future release while Krita now delivers an implementation along with some other nifty 3D transform tools…

The Windows version should be a regular installer.

I had some issues with the 32-bit windows installer, it takes really long to install or uninstall somewhere in the range of 30 minutes either way. I got it installed, it started up but when I want to create a canvas it just hangs.

I have a shitty old laptop vista 32bit, single core celeron, 1.5GB but it should at least start I would expect performance to be totally useless like it is in Photoshop for me but I would like to get my bearings around.

On my Linux Mint 14 KDE laptop, Krita is still stuck at v2.5. :frowning: I really don’t feel like forcing a version upgrade at this time, so I will try the Windows 64 bit version on my other laptop. It has a nicer screen anyway.

I’m not sure if they put Calligra Suite in the Kubuntu backports or not. I haven’t run an Ubuntu based distro in years. Edit: Yeah Calligra is on their list.

This PPA will get you bleeding edge builds.

Oh cool, I’ll try out the windows version right away. I had so many problems with the last version that I had to switch to Linux on my laptop just to run Krita :stuck_out_tongue:

Xrg, ok, I’ll try it. :yes:

The install worked just fine. Thanks @xrg. The only problem is now I’ll start wanting a tablet again damn it.