Krita 2.8 is out!!!

windows users are going to love that.

Krita is the best, they added more keyboard shortcut configuration options! I’ll have to see if pressure sensitivity on Linux with Hanvon tablets is going to work with this new version.

I’ll do the obligatory mac port begging post. :slight_smile: I want this on my mac SOOOOO bad!

Nice, i use a lot of this software and i don’t understand why is few known.

I use on windows and works fine but on linux i have troubles with wacom drivers :’(.

I tried krita a few versions ago, but stopped using it because i found it slow and took forever to open up on my ancient computer. Does anyone know if 2.8 is any better? I should probably just try it for myself…

Yes, now need less time for start and make painting much faster.

I can confirm Krita has come on leaps and bounds since the last time I tried it.

Krita’s OpenGL canvas performance is excellent however it is not enabled by default. Go to settings->configure krita, then the display tab, and check OpenGL. For me, the performance is good enough that I use 8192 by 4096 images as sketch pads.

I don’t usually use windows but I think they got through all there problems with it. I would highly recommend giving it a another try.

Not so stable for linux mint. installed the backport, error on startup, missing essental application components, installation issue.


Wish it was mac available already, but the windows build is awesome already :smiley:

how is it that this is the first time im hearing out this ?
grabbing it now.

Which mint you running?

I personally build it, Revoys guide on that is very good.

I use it on windows 7 64bit and its been plenty fast for me but I don’t know that Krita had an OpenGL canvas I should try this out soon.

On my work pc it’s just too slow to use (everything including zooming/panning/rotating, to the point of frustration), but at home it works decently. I still haven’t managed to integrate it into my workflow in any meaningful way, but I’ll keep playing around with it every now and again. While it probably won’t replace Photoshop anytime soon, it might replace Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio for me at some point.

Does anybody knows if the windows version supports EXR images ?

+1, i tried it on Debian and works fine.

Very interesting. I had a go at it a while back on my Ubuntu system, but i so rarely use it that i forgot about it. It seems to work nicely under Seven !

Did you turn on opengl in the prefs? For me the canvas navigation is way more smooth than Photoshop.

Unfortunately, no.