Krita 3.0 is out!

Krita 3.0 is out!

This release contains:

  • Animation
  • Speed-ups
  • Better key-configuration
  • grids and guides
  • technology upgrade
  • shell extensions
  • and much much more!

We haven’t implemented all stretch-goals of the 2015 kickstarter yet, those will be in 3.1!

Don’t forget to move your resources!

Bugs still go to!

Also, our kickstarter is currently at 93%



you lost an “h” and “:” in the first link.
not a big problem… :slight_smile:

Yay! Congratulations, have been using the beta already in the last weeks. It’s really awesome and I am holding my thumbs for this years Kickstarter.
Unfortunately there is this one thing that’s really bugging me and it is still there in the release version. So I open the brush editor and draw on the scratch pad. Now if I acidentally hit the right or middle mouse button while drawing at the same time (which happens quite often - because I am clumsy) I cannot draw on the scratchpad anymore nor can I delete the strokes I already painted. This happens on both my laptop and my desktop (win 10) and I have to restart the application. Can anybody confirm this?

I can confirm this (win7x64,krita3.0)

Watch the live stream!

May 31, 2016 6:00 PM

You people make tremendous work, thank you !

Thank you very much Krita devs!
A question. What is the reason about appiamges packages are not marked as executable by default?

Aaaaah! we’re 100% Dance Party This means that Paypal donations are open now!

Yafu: That’s actually something the server does by default. Probably a safety protocol.

Ogonek, Vertexpainter: I’ve heard that one here and there, might be a windows only bug? Could you guys make a bugreport for it?

Marcatore: Fixed :slight_smile:

I already submitted a bug, but its still unconfirmed, so I thought maybe I am the only one experiencing it. And YEAH, Kickstarter is funded. That is great. Now I’m gonna dance a little, too :slight_smile:

Congratulation for the kickstarter campaign!!!
Good job with this beautiful project!

Congratulations Krita team! Well deserved! :slight_smile:

great, congrats

if we get 10k+ krita devs will add actual python scripting and people will be able to write plugins for it?

Uhm…, krita kept reseting my brush settings to something it kept in its cache; paint then switch brush then switch to previous brush and bam the settings are reverted to some random setting couple of days ago- press reload and the last (correct) settings are back again.
Re importing the brush from bundle, manually overwriting the .kpp file, none of these worked. I tried to delete all the presets in root “krita” folder and “share” folder. This also didn’t fix it. Only after I created the brush from scratch that it seems to fix the issue (still afraid krita might revert it back again).

I think it is very awkward that krita can’t keep the previous settings of the system, not only that the whole Krita preset/resource system seems to be f**ked up and needs a refactor. So if I have 2 sets of brushes with 10 each (painting/texturing) and krita decides to revert
them, I am suppose to make each of the 20 brushed from scratch ?


Great work all for making new Krita !

Here’s the information on python scripting, plus a nice whodunnit write-up about a particularly nasty bug we managed to fix.

yii7: It’s weird, you mention this bug and someone else mentioned it in a comments section somewhere… I wonder, can you find your brushes as they should be in the resourcers folder(manage resources->open resource folder… The easiest way to test all versions of a particular paintop preset is to just delete, I mean rename the paintoprepreset blacklist). It would at the very least give you the ability to find you resources back. Krita shouldn’t be able to do any deletion of resources autonomously. It can’t even cache, actually.

The resources system will be rewritten as the tag bugs alone are a mess, but I’d like to give you a work around till that is in place.

Don’t know if this is the solution to your problem, which I normally check as soon as I found it out to retain the changes to the brush settings.


Krita didn’t deleted anything. The problem is when you make minor change to a brush krita creates a variant of it in its “painttopresets” folder. For example > paintBrush > edit > paintBrushZ32k.kpp > edit 2 > paintBrushCt429.kpp . This didn’t use to cause a problem on 2.9 but when I imported my brushes from 2.9 to 3.0 ; one of the brushes kept reseting to a previous kpp file i made some time ago ( a variant in the krita/share/apps/krita/painttopresets folder).

When ever I switch brushes and go back to my previous brush the previous brush settings were changed. When I pressed “reload” button krita would change to the correct settings.

This led me to believe that there is a list / cache somewhere where the hash is kept as correct one. On my own example krita knows variant “paintBrushCt429.kpp” is the last saved variant of this tool.

About the resource manager, a bunch of options have been added for adding individual resource files which is an improvement (brushes,presets,pallettes,gradients). But krita still can’t make a bundle from the existing set of varitants you are currently using.

There is a new button “Create bundle from another bundle” or something like that. But this only helps if you have a working bundle and want to expand it.

The choke point is if you are using a previous bundle, it means the resources are in the “share” resource folders. when you create a “new” bundle , krita checks the “root” resource folders. if there are no resources matching in the root resource folders, a bundle is created but it doesn’t add the brushes you are currently using (since they have been imported from a bundle and are stored in share resource folders).

So this is a system which gives the impression that it uses both “root” and “share” folders. But only feeds from the root folder when creating a new bundle.

Hey yii7: I’ve had a really heavy exam week, so I haven’t been able to parse your post :frowning: Give me a week or so, and I can answer it maybe?

We’ve passed 40K btw, and might just reach 41.5K. Deevad will doing a stream tonight and tomorrow morning the kickstarter is ending.

I found a rather annoying bug with the spriter exporter: