Krita 4.0 is out!

Krita 4.0 is released!

New features include…

  • New Text Tool
  • Improved Vector Tools
  • Python Scripting
  • Improved brush settings dialog
  • Colorize Mask
  • New Filters
  • A Ton of Fixes
  • And much much more

Check out a video with the features here:


Oh cool… I need to check it out when I get home tonight.

I dropped my jaw. Brushes are soo responsive. Wow. Krita 3 was a gigantic improvement but this is on another level. Thank you, krita team.

Congrats ! And thanks ! :slight_smile:

Very very nice!! :eyebrowlift2:

Great! Thank you very much Krita team!

Awesome. Thanks!

edit Can’t believe how responsive Krita’s become. It’s so nice to draw in now.

First bug: The text dialog hides behind the main window when I activate the main window.

Also odd: when I quite Krita, the text dialog remains behind.

And a feature request: having to click that “Save” button every single time to update the text is rather a workflow breaker. I would like to see a checkbox or setting that allows any change to be applied in real-time.

I was sort-of hoping for on-canvas text editing as well. Is that on the cards, or not? The external text editing dialog feels old-fashioned and indirect.

Anyway, just love the masked (stacked) brushes. So many new possibilities.

Excellent, glad to hear that the multi threaded brushes work great for you guys :slight_smile:

David Revoy did an overview for the new 4.0 brush set, here.

On canvas text editing is something that we’ve relegated to pipe-dream right now, because the vast majority of Krita’s bugs were with on canvas text editing. We currently want to first focus on getting all the features working and working good in the current editor before we try this again, because things like open type features or non-western writing modes might throw a wrench in the works.

Stuff like automated updating and such are things we’ve thought about… but we haven’t even had the time to experiment with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I don’t mind at all. I do my type setting in PhotoLine, which makes an almost perfect combo with Krita, and PhotoLine has nice text editing tools. The new SVG options in Krita are really great and should further improve interoperability between the two.

PS is it possible to load up an SVG as an externally linked file in Krita? Haven’t checked this yet.


Shame on me I have not spent much time in Krita … But I’ve been following Krita for many years.

This update look’s so cool that I have to start now…Damn this is Nice…Big Cheers to Krita Team…Puff Puff

First thing I did after I saw Your video…Was Go to DONATE…And Donate a little…Shame on Me I should donate every month.

I love to Draw and Paint…Used Krita a lot in the old Day’s…Love it.

Can’t wait to go in and play with it…David Revoy’s Overview will Help a lot…Thank You Thank You


That’s good to hear. I downloaded it yesterday and played around with it a bit but not too much.

One area where I struggle with performance is when doing flats on a cartoon style painting when I have enclosed an area with a selection and then bucket fill it there is always some lag. Also still doing toon style painting I am often using a lot of adjustment layers with masks to paint non-destructively and that is always laggy so I wonder of those areas have seen some improvement as well.

I start most of these painting from A4 scanned drawings (300 dpi).

Great news! A big ‘thanks’ to all its developers!

well tyrant monkey looks like the new coloring tool is made for you

Anyone else getting sub-optimal framerates with their mouse cursor in 4.0? It’s as if I downgraded to 60Hz monitor.
I’ve tried forcing vsync, triple buffer, no vsync, updating gpu drivers, OpenGL/D3d, disabling acceleration.

Back to 3.3/gimp, I guess.

This uh, this might actually be what the speed improvement is doing: We discovered that a huge part of the cpu was gobbled up by canvas redraws, so the multithreading works by taking a set of dabs, calculating those multithreaded, then putting them together and painting them as one section, multi-threaded. Check if it happens with other brushes besides pixel brushes.

Edit, might also still be this bug:

Thanks for getting back.

I would assume the multi-threading only happens on actual strokes, which is totally fine. I’m not meaning to sound like I expect 144Hz while painting my strokes - this is happening while only hovering the cursor around without actually doing anything, within the canvas region.

It only happens whenever a tool or brush uses an outline. If I set it to No Outline in settings and substitute with a Cursor Shape instead, the movement is as fluid as my refresh rate.

Enabling debug tells me that canvas FPS peaks at 105 during movement, but I can tell it’s nowhere close to that.

Edit: Maybe I’m just being spoiled. It’s not like it hurts my workflow. I tried searching around about this, but I’m guessing most people already work on 60Hz monitors so they don’t notice any difference.

Is there anyone who has any good brush presets which include tilting for width (pencil)? (Or for shape for airbrush?)

Are you by any chance a KDE user?

No, Herbert’s a Windows user. points at his sig