Krita 4.0 is out!

(anas) #41

why cant i download krita, i cant find the link on there site

(Therahedwig) #42

Topleft of the download page.

(anas) #43

it takes me to a donation page

(Markus Mayer) #44

I also didn’t find it top left. Just got a link for 4.2 under KRITA NEXT.

Anyways you can grab from their blog.

(Therahedwig) #45

Can you guys post a screenshot? The topleft is just supossed to give a download link for your operating system.

(anas) #47

(Markus Mayer) #48

This is the top of the downloadpage.

(Therahedwig) #49

@alf0 I meant the download page…

@chalybeum: and pressing the big blue button sents you to the donation page? That sounds like somehow you cannot access the download mirror network… Does using ‘all download versions’ give the same issue?

(Markus Mayer) #50

No the big blue button will download 4.0.4 not 4.1 beta.

(anas) #51

it is the same as @chalybeum

(Therahedwig) #52

Oh, no, that makes sense, we’ve never had the betas and unstable versions as the main download. You’ll need to select the nightly build or get it from the blog.

(Markus Mayer) #53

That’s what I said. However, the nightly builds are either 4.0.4 (latest bugfixes) or 4.2 pre alpha. Still no 4.1. That is only available from the blog.
It’s somewhat funny that you point people to the top left of the download page when you actually think that the files will be at the lower right of the middle column. Where they are not. :wink:

Edit: OK to be fair, one could interpret this:

as if @alf0 wanted to download 4.0.4. Out of the context I jumped to the conclusion he want’s 4.1.

(anas) #54

so is it beast to use these nighty bulid? or should i wait till its really out

(Therahedwig) #55

The beta is buggy and it needs people testing and reporting bugs. If you don’t want to do that, you should use the stable.

(Markus Mayer) #56

There’s nothing wrong with trying both. I’d just suggest to stay away from those 4.2 nightlies. Except your in for an adventure.

Edit: Of course if you want to test those new features, you have to use the files from that blog post.

(anas) #57

great ,ill check that

(Charbel Nicolas) #58

When are you going to clean up these leftovers? :wink:

(Therahedwig) #59

We won’t because without them you cannot move the dockers or remove them.

(blendDoodler) #60

Where can I find the new Reference Tool?
The video shows it’s in the Tool Options, but it’s not there.
What am I missing?

(xrg) #61

It’s the pin icon in the toolbar. Select it and add new images from Tool Options. Really awesome feature.