Krita 4.0 is out!

(Therahedwig) #62

I guess you guys had already noticed it, but 4.1 is out!

(blendDoodler) #63

I like the new Reference image tool, but it would be nice if there is an option to make the current magnification stick, independent of the canvas. You know what I mean?

(Therahedwig) #64

I would go with that to the KDE forums. I am not the person who wrote that tool and not guaranteed to remember what you ask.

(Therahedwig) #65

We’ve started a new fundraising campaign! This time it is for the undeniably sexy goal of bugfixing :wink:

(Therahedwig) #66

Okay, so, if you have a reddit account and a curious mind, we’re doing an AMA in about 5~minutes about the development of Krita.

(Therahedwig) #67

Alright, Krita 4.1.3 released:

Lots of bug and usability fixes :slight_smile:

(Charbel Nicolas) #68

Lots of bugfixes, looking good… I think the UI for windows could use a lil bit more polish though :wink: (UI is very important too you know).

(tyrant monkey) #69

I love me some bugfixes…I gotta ask with the new reference image tool is it possible to zoom and pan an image I couldn’t see an obvious way of doing and I searched a bit on the online documents at the moment I have reverted to doing a lot of penciling and inking in Clip Paint Studio which has a reference image tool that works like the old docker.

(Therahedwig) #70

You can rotate and scale it. We’re hoping to work on also cropping it, but that part isn’t in yet.

There’s also someone who made a reference docker python plugin. Because python plugins are possible now :slight_smile:

@charbelnicolas if you’re talking about the look and feel of the widgets, there’s not much we can do about that, it uses the QT default on windows, and breeze on Plasma. If you have actual ideas on how to improve the workflow, please go to the kde forums and make a suggestion.

(tyrant monkey) #71

I don’t think this is 100% what am looking for. What I need is the ability to zoom into an image without making the ‘window’ it appears in bigger and to be able to pan this image without making that ‘window’ bigger.

this is what I get in Clip paint

If I try doing the same thing in Krita by scaling using the handles my reference image will be as big as my canvas and pretty much obscure it. I checked out the manual, and some YouTube videos but I haven’t seen any one zoom into the reference image I have just seen them scale things.

(xrg) #72

I don’t think it does that… well other than just zooming into the canvas I guess.

I use PureRef. You can drag+drop images into it, crop, scale, zoom, add notes, etc. Works well with both Blender and Krita. GDQuest has an overview:

(Therahedwig) #73

So, we had a release…
A development sprint…
And collected 26,426 Euro during this fundraiser!