Krita 4.2 is out!

We’ve released Krita 4.2.

This release’s aim was to polish Krita, but we have many new features as well. Areas that have gotten improvements:

  • Selections, moving, creating, transforming selections has all been improved.

  • Multicore Performance Improvements with brushes.

  • Color palettes (And with Gamut masks also improved color harmony tools)

  • A lot of polish in animation with a better view of memory consumption and better feedback on why rendering won’t work.

  • Several new brush engine features.

  • Support for HDR displays on windows.

  • And even more!

The main reason to update is that there’s a ton of bugfixes. Especially tablets have had an overhaul here.

If you would like to contribute, a huge help post-release is to help other users with their questions, whether on the ask site, or on tumblr, or on any other place on the internet.

Release video courtesy of GDQuest


Yay ! Thanks for your work ! Perfs and palettes, that’s what I am most interested in. My usage of Krita may be punctual but it’s always welcome. :slight_smile:

@Therahedwig Amusingly, the video seems to show a bug at 2:55 when adding a colour to the palette :smiley:

Looking forward to testing the speed improvements, and everything else looks intruiging as well!

Not a bug in the palette, but rather it might be something got cut out of the video at that part, because the foreground color is white at the moment he sets the color.

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Bugfix release! This one has some big fixes for windows, as well as some other fixes and polish.

We’re also retiring the ask site. We started it in the hopes that people would help one another, but they didn’t, so it was useless.

And the Digital Atelier Training videos and brushpacks are 50% off!

We also had a very productive LGM, so maybe you’ll see the results of that in further development :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very fond of drawing in krita. Thank you for your work! I’m using it mostly for relaxed sketching, so I save a lot of images I’ve done (without caring to name them) mostly to be able to look back and see progress over a longer period of time. I created a script which saves (and closes) all open files in a folder [specified in the script code] using name based on current date and a counter so it does not overwrite files [files already named will just be saved and closed]. I don’t know if this script would be to the benefit of anyone else (nor if there is any specific site which is “the go-to-site” for scripts for krita), but if anyone would like a copy of the script I’d gladly share it.

Nice! Unfortunately, we don’t really have a place to share scripts at the moment. We’re hoping to get something working in the future, but first we want to have the resource rewrite finished.

In other news, 4.2.3 is out, bringing a fix for a nasty crash with specific opengl systems and touch-rotation, which is the first fruit of the current android port gsoc that we could get to the public(there’s much more done, but that’s not ready for end use yet :slight_smile: )

Krita 4.2.5 released. This time fixes with a shortcut related crash.

And next week we’re gonna have a development sprint :3


Hi, Is there a way to hide/show layers depending on layer colour on the canvas.

No, you can sort of write a script to do so, but there’s no build in function like that.

Any chance I can get a script that can do this? I am sorry. I am not a programmer. Maybe u guys can add this later to the next release as a built in function hopefully?
This is a very important feature for those of us who use Krita for texturing
Thanks for all you guy’s hard work.

I can try to make one, but it’ll take some while, mostly because we had the Krita Sprint past week, and I am a little tired from that…

Here’s the sprint report.

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Have the resource management issues (multiple tagging) been fixed in the meantime? Haven’t checked since 4.0.

Thanks mate. Looking forward to the script whenever u want to make it :- )

Awesome blog post of the krita sprint. More power to you guys.

Krita 4.2.6 released.

Bugfix release! We did a survey with a testbuild inbetween, and that worked pretty well, so we’ll be doing that in the future!


And… another bugfix release in the form of 4.2.7.

We also did a small blog post explaining the state of 4.3, and we’ll proly be very shortly at this years’ BlenderCon(on Thursday).


Some enterprising artists have started up, an intended Krita equivalent to We hope to make this a triving community like Blender Artists has been for Blender :slight_smile:


Great initiative! Krita (and every other open source design/art project out there) needs something equivalent of blenderartists

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Great !!!

I am absolutely loving the tone of this article :

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Krita 4.2.8 is out!

Bugfix releases and notarized mac builds!