Krita 4.2 is out!


Nice and totally deserved. I hope Krita gets more support from the industry in the near future.


After a long silence, 4.2.9 beta and a lot of bugfixes. Please test!

We’ve been very busy on the resource rewrite so hence the silence.


Krita 4.2.9 is out!

And the resource rewrite branch has been merged to master. It’s still very buggy, but this is a huge milestone!

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The question I ask for years now - is the duplicate tagging issue for brushes resolved?

I checked it myself.

Alright, the android beta of krita is on the store!

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I love the new brushes.

unfortunatelly it does not support android 4.4.2 ;/

A great feature in Krita is the very esasy setup to create seamless textures using “wrap around” option.

yes, our development framework, qt, doesn’t support under android 6. As the wacom android tablets and the old samsung note 10.1 all have android icecream sandwich, there’s more than a few people who will have to either figure out the mysteries of android rom flashing or get a new device.

New device. Hell freakin no. Imo android and samsung are a huge dissapointment. They do not support any painting app creators. Litteraly the only one usable is artflow. Being made by single person, and its better than anything there. Adobe Autodesk are trash in android ecosystem. I do understand that my note has potato specs but i know people were making art on a lot less powerful devices in the past. So the problem is not in horsepower but in optimisation.
I use krita on pc, so im sad that i cant even test it on note10.1. That sux.