Krita 4.3 is out!

Krita 4.3 is out!

This release includes things like…

  • Highpass and palettize filters.
  • Magnetic Lasso
  • Extensions to the fill and contiguous select tool to sample several reference layers.
  • New options for the brush-tips to allow colorization of brush tips. This allows for cheap impasto effect and other cool stuff.
  • And much much more

This release doesn’t include the resource rewrite. We are still working on that and it’ll be Krita 5.0

Peertube link of the above.



Krita is a good program but it’s hard to make it work with blender though. Do you have any suggestions?

Ah… You’ll need to be more specific, I’m afraid. Right now it sounds like you’re trying to open Krita inside Blender, which won’t work, no. :smiley:

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Great! Thank you!

About Appimage Linux version. I keep thinking of Linux users who do not know that you have to give permissions to the file so that it can be executed, and perhaps new users when they see that Krita does not run end up abandoning. I have seen that what other softwares that provide Appimage packages do is package for example as .zip the .appimage file with the permissions applied. Would it be possible to do it with Krita?

When probono, the appimage project lead, helped us set up appimages for Krita, he asked us to not put the appimage into a zip file, as he felt it would result in desktop and browser vendors taking appimage less seriously. As appimages have resolved a lot of issues for Krita’s particular target audience (not very technical so often on a debian/ubuntu style distro, and also needs very specific versions of the software with long projects), we feel that we should honour this request.

It’s often the browsers who turn off the permissions. Firefox these days doesn’t do that anymore, I am unsure about other browser flavours.

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I would never have imagined that excuse for not doing it, I still do not understand it very well, but I suppose that it must have its reasons.
I have downloaded from Firefox and still need to give to it permissions from Dolphin file browser.
Another solution could be to put a very visible alert message in download website for those users who download the appimage package stating that the user may need to give permissions and that this can be done from the file browser in most Linux distributions. Import Krita to Blender

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It’s more that I have trouble with the UI and I can’t seem to get transparency to work. It’s nice that you can make a work of art but I would like to make it on glass so you can see what’s on the other side.

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I remember that, first time, I downloaded krita as an appimage.
There was a link to .
I thought that was a sufficient explanation.
Need for permissions is clearly exposed on their homepage.

I suppose the link was lost when download page was redone to precise existence of Flatpak solution.
But sincerely, just a link to will do the job.

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It is trivial to set permissions to executable and is the least of your issues to make it play nice with your desktop environment. You also need to create a .desktop file and add mimetypes to integrate properly, at least with my Gnome environment, but I have been doing this for so long I am comfortable with using the CLI to fix things. There is something to be said for having an installer to set up things for you, but it makes things difficult if you need to change or fix things. Point in case the installed vs .zip versions of Blender and config files…

Now that I remember that application that I had downloaded in appimage format it was also asking the user to create launchers on first run. I don’t remember if that also created the file associations.
So solutions to make life easier for Linux users exist, but it requires developers time for its maintenance and that is not always easy.

BTW, I think the app I’m referring to was Gravit Designer, which I removed because it required registering and working online (or something like that).

Congratulations :cake:. I’m loving the update. The watercolor brushes are so nice!
(btw. is there a way to remap the brush size key from shift to F? I am so used to the blender way and I just activated the fill tool for the 10000th time :stuck_out_tongue: )

4.3 is awesome! Thank you, guys, for your work.

Yes! You can change this in Settings → Configure Krita → Canvas Input Settings → Change Primary Settings
Change to this
Then you go to “Keyboard Shortcuts” and remove “fill” from using F (So that Fill tool does not show up when you try to scale your brush)
Krita’s shortcuts are crazy customizable! A lot to play around with and tweak to your liking :grin:


You can find that here.

Change transparency to 0! And then remember to remove the Background layer which is by default filled with white!

YES! It works, I searched hours for that one :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

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It seems kinda in your face but it’s good both our problems got sloved.

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Krita 4.4 beta 1 is out. It’s got some really cool stuff in there, including a programmable fill layer type!


Just saw that, it’s gonna come in handy. Thanks for the continued efforts Wolthera and team ! I’ve shifted my main activity back to illustration and graphic design (used to work in animation/vfx), Krita is now my main software along with Affinity (Krita for all things painting, Affinity for final comp). Cheers !


And we’re on beta 2. This fixes crashes with reference layers, as well as fixing a whole lot of issues on Android. We’re hoping to have it release properly next weekish, so please check that it doesn’t give issues on your system!