Krita Animation

Blender is the king of open source 3D, but what if you want to do traditional hand drawn 2D? In comes Krita.
For those impatient and wanting to play with these new features as they are being developed I made a sort of walk through.

I know of Tupi, cant erase…I know of Pencil 2D, cant move frames and tons of bugs… I know of Gimp gap, great for gifs… too many problems with all of these other tools. Mypaint’s animation branches were good but all development on those have stopped.

The timeline works, add - remove - duplicate frames works, everything works. Is it perfect? Not yet…but soon…I can see true promise here…soon.

Awesome, thanks for posting! I recently discovered the Grease Pencil animation in Blender and this is even better!!! I’ve been using Krita only for digital painting, but for animation would be incredible

Are there any builds? krita-testing perhaps?

Nope, you have to build yourself. The animation branch is still too fragile for us to want to provide builds(it’ll lead to dozens of no-shit-sherlock bug reports).

The cats guide is really easy though, if you’re on linux.