Krita forum

Hi blender artists,

I would like to announce that Krita (, has new forum
for users. It is at So far we just started and I thought that there are Krita users here, so I just wanted to let you know :wink:

Great soft!

great news!

haven’t lately been keeping myself up to date with krita,
but will definitely check this out.

…so krita is kind of like MSOffice but freeware. Next assignment I get, I will give krita a go. Thanks.


+1 Krita user. :smiley:

Not really… Krita is more like an open source version of photoshop that uses all the new KDE4 and Koffice technologies. It’s the photomanipulation / painting part of the Koffice suite. The Koffice suite, however is a freedom oriented, open source office suite. It has many more parts than MS office though (project management, vector drawing like Illustrator, painting in Krita etc).

Anyway, if you like MS office, give Koffice a try. If you like Illustrator, give Karbon (part of Koffice) a try. If you like Photoshop, give Krita (part of Koffice) a try.