Krita Kickstarter 2016 on it's way! IT HERE!

This means multiple documents, cage, liquify, transform masks, hdr colour selection, new colour pickers, better gmic intergration and tons of workflow improvements! Check out our release page.

What is still missing/not possible:

  • Layer Styles: A kickstarter item, but won’t be in till 2.9.1!
  • G’Mic for 32bit was impossible. This is due to the way G’Mic is written as a program: it requires a lot of memory to work.
  • In fact, some G’Mic filter’s may not work on 64bit windows either…(at the moment)

What’s up next: Well, 2.9.1(or 2.9.2, we release a new stable every month) will have the layer styles+more bugfixes. Bugfixes will require your bug reporting of course :slight_smile: (at
Also, start saving up some cash: New kickstarter coming up soon!

Why is it still so slow on Windows compared Linux?
I installed Linux specifically to test Krita and it feels so much better than on Windows.

On Windows it just feels sluggish, everything is slow, changing the blend modes, turning layers on/off, brushes etc. and
I tested the Windows version on an SSD and HDD, OpenGL on.

With the recent advent of various Open Source game creation platforms, it might not hurt to develop a comprehensive set of tools for pixel art and 2D animation (FOSS doesn’t seem to have a whole lot for sprite makers right now).

Now if someone could perhaps fork the GIMP and turn it into a serious photo editing/manipulation/post-pro tool (since I recall that Krita dropped the whole prospect of doing those things).

I use Aseprite for pixel-art, and find it to be pretty good. $10 for binaries on Win/OSX but you can build from source.

Also, what about its status in terms of functionality for seamless/non-seamless photoreal texture creation and map generation (including normal maps)?

I know their main focus is on general 2D art, but since this is a Krita thread posted in a 3D-related forum…

krita was built for linux. The windows port will take time to get up to speed

krita on windows is unusable everything slow, the gmic filter crash every timei i use it, the brush engine is really slow i hope they can fix it for know i will install linux.

This release or in general? I have been using it for over a year now and it is extremely fast for me on Windows 7

For seamless textures, use wraparound mode. It a pretty unique feature that makes creating seamless textures really easy. We support loading and saving 8 and 16 bits heightmaps as well. If there’s anything missing, get in touch with us, and we’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

I don’t get any particular slowness on my Windows 8 laptop or Windows 7 desktop. It’s a bit slower than on Linux on the same hardware, but that’s because Windows itself is slower: the file system is slow, the graphics layer is slow and it’s slower when creating threads. But in general, performance is pretty okay, I find. But Windows isn’t one big monolithical thing, how well any application runs on Windows depends on graphics driver versions, what other stuff is installed, which patches are installed and so.

As for G’Mic on Windows: that’s something we warn about. G’Mic is a research project, and we only include it because when it works, it’s so enormously useful. On 32 bit Windows, it doesn’t work at all, so I took it out. On 64 bits Windows, I need to set the stacksize to one gigabyte because otherwise the apparently very recursive parser clobbers the stack. For interactive colorize, it needs pthreads to allow the user to work in more than one popup window, and that doesn’t work for some reason… Maybe it’d be better if we compiled it with mingw, but that makes the rest of Krita really slow! (And the binaries really big, too.)

With the index colors filter, we’ve also added support for Hd index paint, but I don’t kniw if you’re that familiar with the concept…

If you look at the release notes, you’ll see an example being done on Kiki. The order is pixelart-pattern layer-index filter layer. Unfortunatly, tablets still slow down filterlayers.

But in general, we’ve added a lot of things like split alpha, importing masks, shaped gradients, etc. That are useful to texturing so… check out the release notes?

Kakachiex2, make sure opengl is on, we had to turn off it by default because when it doesn’t work it gives scary error messages.

Can be used like photoshop replacement? Or, like I guess, is something like Corel Painter?

I cannot even open this software in Windows 7 64 bit. As soon as I click to run it it shows an error and it doesn’t allow me to run it. I send the report but it’s weird. I used to try Krita before on other computer with Windows 8 and was working but the time it takes to even open the program is just ridiculous. That said I really have a lot of hope on this software and I can see a bright future once it gets more polished.

Are there any other people experiencing this?
I think that clearly there is something wrong going on.

I tested Krita since 2.4 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 with a range of drivers and other than a slight improvement that came with OpenGl acceleration the performance is very poor.
I really struggle to understand how this could be Windows’s fault itself if just about every other software works fine.

I’d really love to use Krita more frequently, but it just still isn’t usable for me in any scenario.

Well, we’re not really denying it, but you’re not really defining it either? Are we talking 3 seconds slowdown on making a new layer? Because that’s a problem.

But for example, if you’re using a 1000 px brush on a 8000x8000 px canvas, no that’s not something Krita is good at at the moment, we’re researching into how to fix that.

Of course, some people are so sensitive they can tell the minutest of slowdowns, so we really need definitions to figure out how bad it is and where the problem is. Like, it could be windows, it could be that the dependencies have problems, hell, we’ve heard of a few instances where CHROME of all things slowed down Krita, and we have no clue why.

It’ll help us fix the problem far more quickly with specifics, and I understand that you’re trying figure out if you’re not being unecessarily subjective by asking, but I think it would help if you took at stopwatch and timed :slight_smile:

SmaCameron, please report a bug.

Congrats on the release and thanks for all the hard work. I’ve been using the beta version on Windows 64 bit and love it.

Most things seem pretty fast (except big brushes as mentioned), but then I haven’t compared it to the Linux version. When I logged a bug about a crash the devs were all over it so if you are having problems I would recommend putting it in their bug tracker.

Thank you very much for this release!!!

I hope Krita incorporate new useful features to complement Blender in 3D.

Wraparound mode seems very useful for people with skills to draw. But there are people like me without drawing skills, and just we start from textures borrowed out there :yes:

I already have my two requests:

I am new to the 3D world, so I hope that people with more knowledge here also involved and make your requests.

It’s amazing how much faith people tend to put into forks :slight_smile:


I’m trying to find if other people have the same problem and if there’s a config overlap perhaps.

I don’t have Linux currently installed, so I can’t make measurements,
as an example though of how slow the Windows version is for me,
I opened a 4k by 4k file with several layers in Krita, if I turn a layer on/off or change a blend mode it takes a whopping 3 sec to redraw the view, while in Photoshop the same happens pretty much instantly.

See, this is something I can do something with: That’s not supossed to happen. I’ll ask if we can find a spot to do profiling, even if we can’t reproduce ourselves, we might be able to find something that could be optimised.

EDIT: To clarify, for me, 5 layer 4048x4048 image with gradients on all of them gives me no issue on linux, and I don’t have the most powerful computer.

EDIT2: |MM|, you don’t happen to have an NVidea card, by any chance?