Krita, The Painting Program of Epicness

Just a few days ago I discovered a painting program called Krita, I already have Gimp but was looking to try some new stuff, so I made a few paintings:

IMO, I think it’s better than Gimp for painting, and I think it allows you to work much more efficiently, I wish Gimp had Kritas brushes and brush/color selector :D. It’s very easy to use, I just started with it yesterday!

Gimp is still useful though, Krita’s mainly just for painting.

There’s more paintings on my blog if anyone’s interested.

Neat, I’m downloading it now. I’ve been looking for another painting program to use; MyPaint seems kind of limited to me and GIMP has broken tablet pressure support apparently (maybe there’s a fix but none have worked for me). Good looking work.

Thanks, hope it works well for you.
Here’s some concept fighters that didn’t fit in the 3 image limit the forums has per post:

(did some Gimp editing to get them all in one image)

I have to say, I fiddled with it a bit but I kept running into tablet issues that were, in my opinion, unworkable. If I tried to work at a low pen pressure, it would occasionally just slam a big splotch of opaque on whatever I was doing. I tried this several times and kept getting this.

Also, for some reason the cursor is in a different position on some brushes whether you’re holding down the mouse button/tablet. Very irritating.

My tablet wouldn’t work unless I remembered to plug it in before I opened the program, which wasn’t too bad but it is a minor nuisance.

Other than these complaints, which were for me dealbreakers, this is a very promising piece of software and I look forward to its future development. I’ll try it again later and send my input to the devs.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you, I don’t have a tablet so I haven’t run into any tablet problems, the only thing I ran into is on some brushes it has a delay, but I think that’s because I don’t have a graphics card.

Hi Luftmensch, are you using Krita on Windows or on Linux?

Windows. I tried a couple different versions and still had the same issue. I’m pretty sure I sent you specifically an email to let you know it was a showstopper for me. Cool to know you’re a lurker here on the Blender Artists forums. I found there was a bug report already, I just sent the email anyway because that single glitch that makes the software unusable.

I mentioned in the email, I’m using a Monoprice tablet, which has never had the same issue in any other program for me.

Made another image, a gigantic alien hive with huge bugs flying around:

Ah, right, now I’ve got context again :-). Thanks for contacting me – and I still hope I’ll find a way to reproduce the issue. But I suspect it’s not a bug in the krita code, but something specific to the whole setup.