Kritz Cam Pro For Blender 3.1.2

KRITZ CAM PRO 1.3 Update for Blender 3.1.2 is now available.

Added: Menu design renewed.

Added: Passepartout control on the menu.

Added: Scene lights random color generator.

Added: Composition Guides on the menu.

WHAT is it?

KRITZ CAM PRO is a new addon for Blender 3d that allows you to add cameras to a scene along with its focus control and constraints.

It also allows you to change focal lengths and F-STOPS in a simple way.

Who is KRITZ CAM PRO for?

KRITZ CAM PRO is for all users who do not want to waste time creating cameras and setting constraints, also to be able to make changes on the fly in regards to F-STOPS and focal lengths.


Easy Camera focus

Easy Camera focus Constraint

7 Fixed focal lenghts

11 F-Stops

Easy switching between navigation modes

Focal lengths pie menu

Composition Guides Menu


Kritz Cam Pro menu: Shift + Home

Focal Lenghts pie menu: Control + Home


Blender 2.93 & 3.1.2

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Added commercial tag.