Krum - Battle Arena

(haidme) #1

Hey guys,
I deceided to make a new threat for this game. It will be smaller than Krum - Edge Of Darkness but with strong social element in it.
Yes, there will be server but not for multiplayer. Only for exposing scoreboards and players progress.

I will post here the game progress constantly.

Procedural grass shader and weapon combos:
(combos - means you have to press 3-4 keys(or controller) in a certain order and in a certain time in order to execute the combo, which will give you much more power while fighting. You will be able to defeat most of the enemies, only if you are using combos against them)

(Safetyman) #2

Looks really good so far. Is this 100% BGE?

(haidme) #3

Thanks, yes it is.

(Fred/K.S) #4

Looking guud

Is this a continuation of his story in the 1st game or is this like an offline DLC with additional features and updates?

(haidme) #5

Haha. No it is not continuation of the story. That would be Krum - Gates Of Hell. This one is a separate game. With no story, but it will take place in Panoria - the Krum world and the protagonist is still Krum. However it is too early to explain the game, because many will not understand the idea without seeing the real thing.
Overall, it will be a competitive asynchronous multiplayer game, that drive players to fight for glory on different arenas (against waves of enemies) and score higher results.

Krum - Edge Of Darkness had this as an addon(it was also called “Battle Arena”), but it was just the basics of the idea. Now I intend to make this idea in a full fledged game.

(Liebranca) #6

Basically Severance gladiator mod, right? That sounds glorious.

(haidme) #7

Something like that, but you will fight for the glory of your country. :wink: And that’s it, I will give out no more :smiley:

(haidme) #8

New shields:

(haidme) #9

(LioKon) #10

wow I really love the first one :open_mouth: they are all great just the fith one is lacking in comparison especially because its not really round (16 vertices for a circle taking up that much space is just not enough in that case) somehow it looks much better on the other ones also shading could be improved on that one:) Don‘t get me wrong your work is amazing its just that this one shield kinda falls out of the line maybe scratch it completely and let the last on take its place. Also i think just a rough piece of wood would be great as the beginner shield

btw what is your current skin shading setup?

(LioKon) #11

also are you aware that your tough warrior is wearing leggings? :smiley:

(haidme) #12

also are you aware that your tough warrior is wearing leggings? :smiley:

I’m aware, I made him :D. The idea is to cover the leggings with fur. But I couldn’t find a good and fast way of doing that. I’ll get back to it later.

just the fith one is lacking in comparison

Last three are directly imported from “Krum - Edge Of Darkness” . Probably I will update the fifth with more vertexes.

Also i think just a rough piece of wood would be great as the beginner shield

Good idea!

btw what is your current skin shading setup?

I use BSDF uber shader node. Which is not available in game engine, you must add it from cycles and then switch to game…it works somehow.

And here are the last two:

(haidme) #13

And here is the first sword I made today:

(Ludovic_L) #14

This is really nice. I am surprise of the quality of the game footage. The details you are adding are really superb, love the design of the shields. Do you think that you will be able to make the enemies as detailed as Krum and his assets for the final game?

(haidme) #15

I guess so. There is no reason to make them less detailed.
If I see it takes too much time, I might buy some high qty enemies from a 3D store, it all depends from the time I have. I’ll try to make this game for about an year…and there is much to be done.

(Fred/K.S) #16

@haidme does the Grass Move?



(haidme) #17

Yes, its moving. :slight_smile:
I use the procedural grass shader. It is available in resources section of the forums.

(Fred/K.S) #18

I know about that lol i faked it a year before it actually came out ive only remastered the technique !!!
: )
I just needed my Grass to be procedural to cover an entire terrain : )

Lol no stress i’ll definitely give it a shot : )
BTW it looks great in KRUM keep up the Awesome work haidme.


(haidme) #19

Hey guys,
25+ new weapons is now available in the arena.Now I’m starting to work on the enemies and the battle mechanics.

(BluePrintRandom) #20

is this using PBR? did you write a patch to get the lighting?