Krum - Battle Arena

(haidme) #21

I’m is using principled BSDF node for all metal surfaces. Lightning is kind a weird but it works somehow.
A new video - Spawning, running, walking and shouting. :wink:
Also I added DoF and Chrome Abbrv filters again for testing the visuals :slight_smile:

(haidme) #22

A bit more progress with the enemy AI :slight_smile:

(giraser) #23

I think rolling animation need more fastter, btw for early work this is very perfect!

(haidme) #24

Having fun, testing the performance with 20 enemies at once. :wink:
I get only 50fps on my 10 yo PC :yum: - while recording HD video :rofl:

(Ludovic_L) #25

Hello Haidme,
Any update of your awesome game? This is one project that I’m really interested to see it done and test it :).

(haidme) #26

I’ve done tons of new things over the fighting mechanics and overall gameplay mechanics.
But the game is still visually the same. I’ll post a new video, when the next enemy is ready.
I think there is a slightly newer video in BGE facebook page.

(Ludovic_L) #27

Thanks for the reply :). Keep up the good work. Will wait for the next update from you.

(haidme) #28

A bit of progress :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s new:
-Dynamic hanging health potions
-Drinking potions - player/enemy
-Slow-motion deaths
-Breaking weapons and shields
-Heavy knock-backs
-Dozens of player’s death animations
-Overall game speed up
-A lot of bug fixing

…pure hardcore action!

(Ludovic_L) #29

Very nice update. Keep it up!

(haidme) #30

From the ashes(well, actually the skies) a new enemy has arisen :wink:
What’s new:

  • New enemy model, animations, AI
  • Some epic slo-mo moves :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Replacing a couple of placeholder shields with original ones
  • Animations optimization

(bge man) #31

Keep it up Haidme. Krum - Battle Arena will be the most epic BGE game when finished, no doubt. One honest feedback though. The blood splatters could be more subtle, IMO. Take a reference from Assassin’s Creed for example. In ACs there’s barely a blood coming out when making a hit. I think that’s what many players are used to.

(haidme) #32

Ogols : Those Orcs are strong and merciless. If you face them, they will rip your guts in a blink of an eye.
Extremely hard to kill!
Speciality : Two-handed axes.

(Ludovic_L) #33

Sir as always really kool update. Could you give a hint for you at what stage is the game? Pre-Alpha or Alpha or Beta?
Also you are among the best in the users of the BGE do you think if you have sometime to do a video or two how to create such a game with the BGE. Lots of game are created with BGE but too few are finished and too less few are polish to have a proper FPS. Simple game struggles to achieve a decent level.
So please maybe a bit of advice on how to optimise a game for BGE :slight_smile: please.

(haidme) #34

Hey, thanks. The game is still in pre-pre-pre alpha stage :smiley:
I don’t have much time to make tutorials, however if you really want to learn how to create good qty games in BGE the one and only thing you absolutely must start with is:

  • download from the finished game section EVERY game you find appealing and then put like few years of learning how everything in these games is done and try to reproduce it!

There is no shortcut, no easy way, no fast learning…put a lot of time and effort(read as…years) and start with downloading the games an learn from them.
This is absolutely valid for every other engine…Unity/Unreal/Godot/Havok/Armory…every engine!
Take the time to learn from the countless tutorials and experiment…that’s the way! It will take you years…sorry, no shortcut. :wink:

(Ludovic_L) #35

Thanks for the honest reply. Will surely put it to use. Again great game you are building there, will follow your progress closely. Keep it up!

(haidme) #36

Jee…those guys are hard to kill! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Check out Gul(a new enemy…the “girl” on the left :wink: ) and Ogol fighting side by side…against Krum.

(CYNIC78) #37

Cool battle system. Small feedback - when player is knocked down enemies should fast run to finish\hit him untill he is on ground. That would be realistic behavour of AI.

(haidme) #38

I’ll definately upgrade the ai further, when most enemies are done.

(haidme) #39

Kogan - the mighty ork warrior. He is the first enemy using a shield
The AI is still a wip…needs to be more responsive to player actions.
However, even now the battle is a challenge :wink:

(CYNIC78) #40

Wonderfull! Will you add throwing weapons? Like throwing axes, spears etc? Or bow and crossbows… :slight_smile: