Krum - Battle Arena

(Cotaks) #41

I wanted to say great work as usual, but i believe this is not the usual thing anymore haha, looks great, wish i had motion capture lol (or didn’t you make those animations on your own?)

btw i see your shield/weapons being destroyed in a few movies, do them enemy shieds also get destroyed?

(haidme) #42

Thanks guys!

add throwing weapons?

Maybe I’ll add, but not like shootign mechanics, more like you will be able to throw weapons or environment objects in a desperate attempt to survive :slight_smile:

them enemy shieds also get destroyed?

Weapon manager is taking care of the weapons, it doesn’t matter if you ware them or the enemy…they have same stats and they gets destroyed.

(Fred/K.S) #43

Now this is what i call the best BGE combat system really alot of progress man iam so impressed at your efforts !!!


(haidme) #44

An update.

(CYNIC78) #45


(haidme) #46

Rocks and boulders! :slight_smile:

(<== Lost? Click Me) #47

Looking good. At around 36 seconds the jumping attack curves in mid air towards the player. Earlier a jump attack was initiated right next to Krum, he rolled backwards and the jumper landed next to him as if he started a long jumping attack anyway. It’s jarring unless you want to give such NPCs wings / jet packs / double jumps.

I’d keep the initial trajectory from leaving the ground if it were me. Rewards skill and gives a reason to dodge that way. I’d reward successful jump attacks with more knock back / damage dealt, the risk being greater telegraphing of such attacks. /suggestions

(Ramukka) #48

I just love your work!
How’s Krum - edge of darkness graphics makeover going?

(Fred/K.S) #49

Now that’s what i call Remastering KRUM :scream:


(haidme) #50

Thanks guys, also for the feedback.
Here is a new feature - get over / evading obbstacles:

(CYNIC78) #51

This is really cool!

(haidme) #52

Good old decapitation never cease to impress me ! :slight_smile:

(LioKon) #53

yo this looks amazing

(haidme) #54

Starting the arena environment setup.
Setting up a proper lightning with good game performance would be the main problem.

(LioKon) #55

Just two side notes :slight_smile: From what i can see the whole game looks a bit too blue-ish if that makes sense? Like i see where you are going with that rough washed out look but in this fashion it kind of hurts the image quality imo. Also is that chromatic aberration on there? If so i dont think that should be in a game like this. In general it is weird to see that effect in video games but I‘d guess it makes sense for first person shooters that try to emulate that helmet camera look. In a historic fighting game it takes away from the immersion. Make of that what you will just giving my perspective :smiley:

(haidme) #56

I thought it looks more green-ish somehow. However, it will be determined later by the assets overall colors and setup.
Yes, it’s chromatic aberration. General idea of CA im games is realism. But it is not a big deal, chromatic aberration along with several other post-process filters will be in advanced video options and people will choose to switch on/off whatever they fieel is right. :slight_smile:

(LioKon) #57

CA has nothing to do with reality tho :smiley: Like its nothing you will ever see with your eyes. CA was an issue older, technologically flawed cameras had so its really a matter of style not of realism. But then again as long as i can turn it off its fine (even tho i still think it hurts the first impression)

(haidme) #58

"Chromatic aberration specifically in games and movies is done with the goal of making it look like you’re looking at a scene through the lens of a camera. Since chromatic aberration is something you see in a lot of photographs and movies, there’s been a bit of an effort to duplicate the effect using post-processing. "

That’s what I ment by realistic…looks like it’s taken by a camera and CA is a side effect of that.
“Now chromatic aberration is largely used effect in most AAA and indie games” - many ppl think it’s cool and many don’t, so I’ll add it as an option, which will be switched on by default on modern hardware.

(Ludovic_L) #59

This is really going to be the best looking game for the BGE. Again Haidme you are really giving us a great game but also showing what the BGE can do.
One small question, could you please tell us what the FPS right now with all those details?

(Fred/K.S) #60

Man im luvin the progress keep it coming bro,
Will this be online only or both offline and online or will there be a LAN Mode?