Krum - Battle Arena

(haidme) #61

Thanks guys!

One small question, could you please tell us what the FPS right now with all those details?

The following video is running with 30fps on a 10 yo PC

Will this be online only or both offline and online or will there be a LAN Mode?

It’s gonna be offline arena with leaderboards.

(Ludovic_L) #62

Thanks for reply :). It would be grate if you could make a little dev log with comments.

(haidme) #63

Testing the pre-alpha gameplay in a bit long video. ! :slight_smile:
I just couldn’t stop hacking ! :wink:


Really awesome

(<== Lost? Click Me) #65

Cool, the jump tracking / curving seems improved. At 1:52 one of the first jumpers manages to turn to face the player, though he was turning before jumping so might have carried some angular momentum.

Might want to enable stopping your combo if you lose your weapon. Maybe follow through on the breaking swing / move / momentum. Check is player armed. If not cease combo state.

Keep at it.

Edit: A signal / listener pattern for weapon loss would be more efficient. On signal received do combo interrupt.

(Ludovic_L) #66

As always its really awesome to see the progress with this game. As the name says its gonna be a “Battle Arena” Game but with your last video, cant stop thinking that it would also have great potential in being a hack and slash with some RPG elements and boss fights :slight_smile:

(haidme) #67

Might want to enable stopping your combo if you lose your weapon.

Definately, I also saw that when I was capturing the video.

it would also have great potential in being a hack and slash with some RPG elements and boss fights

The battle arena game goal would be to gather enough money for the full fledged RPG game - “Krum - Gates Of Hell”
And it will be costly.
I’m palnning to create a AAA teaser pre-rendered video for the Battle Arena. Made some researches - the main character model alone will cost me ~ 1000$

I’m aiming at this quality:

(Ludovic_L) #68

You just me more hype for your future projects :smiley:
Are you planning to do it with the regular BGE or UPBGE?
Also, the community have some great character artist. I’m sure that you could find someone with great talent who could help you with this. Maybe also help you bring the cost down for the different characters that you would need in the game.

(haidme) #69

I’ve added a water shader in Krum :wink:

(BluePrintRandom) #70

@bartv I think this looks like it could be a feature row

(BluePrintRandom) #71

Amazing work @haidme
I can’t wait until it’s finished - the 3rd person combat already looks as good or better than original skyrim

(Fred/K.S) #72

TBH your water even looks way way better than Far Cry 5’s water :smile: dude im so happy for yr progress keep up the AMAZING work!


(haidme) #73

Thanks guys!

(CYNIC78) #74

Cool. Very solid progress. Man i think your game deserve to be real RPG it needs good storyline and quests. It would be gem!

(haidme) #75

Thanks! I also want that. But it would take a lot time and money.

(Ludovic_L) #76

Your game just is absolutely beautiful haidme. Can’t wait to see more.

(icyou520) #77

This is incredible.

I am curious are you modeling/rigging/shaders AND coding everything yourself?

What is your background with 3D?

I don’t know anything about gaming but why use BGE and not Unity/Unreal, just curious?

Can’t wait to see more.

(haidme) #78

Thanks guys!

I am curious…

I bought most of the assets to save time, but made the protagonist though, also all the weapons and shields, those models at least needs to be original. Probably I’ll make everything I can’t find to buy.
Otherwise, I have some experience with 3D, you can check out my other bge projects. All assets there are made by me.
What you see in the video looks cool mostly because of the lightning and post-process filters. The models doesn’t look that great without proper light set and filters.
BGE, because it faster than in U&U especially for one-man project.

(BluePrintRandom) #79

PBR node is on the table for upbge 0.2.5 and hardware armature skinning

should make it easier to get nice fidelity.

(haidme) #80

Testing performance ~ 700 high poly objects (20k polys per object with lod), Procedural grass shader covering the whole place, maxed out video settings and HD 1920x1080 resolution.
The bottle-neck was my processor, couldn’t handle the video recording at 60 fps.