Krum - Battle Arena

(CYNIC78) #81

Better than Skyrim. Great picture! :slight_smile:

(<== Lost? Click Me) #82

Why only sideways movement? Popping otherwise? This was an impressive demo of culling and (h)LOD if you’re open to others techniques

(haidme) #83

It’s not popping, not before the object is almost in the mist. I have 5 LOD levels per tree.
In this video walking is sideway because I wanted it to keep it short and show as much forest as I can.

(haidme) #84

Just starting the design of the first arena

(CYNIC78) #85

SImply beautiful! :sunglasses:

(Ludovic_L) #86

Absolutely stunning! Its really awesome what you are doing with the Blender game engine. Just cant wait for your next update! This must really be seen by all the Blender users.

(haidme) #87

Thank you!
Here is a bit more progress on the arena… :wink:

(CYNIC78) #88

Wonderful map. I can imagine some epic battles on this arena against hordes of orcs and goblins. :slight_smile: Would be cool if you add some dragons to fight with (kinda superbosses). Could be even more epic!

(haidme) #89

New update:

  • Waves logic - now enemies are organized in waves with increasing strength and numbers
  • Pickables - in this video only God mode and Damage x4
  • Updated enemy AI - act in groups, better reactions
  • Gather dark souls(a currency) from dead enemies (blue tail-light)
  • Gain experience from several sources (killing/execute combos/dodging…etc, unfortunately no interface yet)
  • Flags of the country controlling the arena(a random country flag in this video, for testing)
  • Stamina balance (no interface to show it, unfortunately)
  • Tons of tweaks and bug fixes

(Thomas Murphy) #90

This looks so cool!

(modelinblender) #91

So how is the environment so polished? Texturing and what else?

(haidme) #92

Not sure what you mean by polished, but creating a level is a complex task…texturing, lightning, postprocessing.
Especially lightning and postprocessing…makes things look way cooler.

(haidme) #93

Ok, a bit about combat system - Since it’s gonna be a competitive game, I’m trying to achieve Counter Strike like combat in a hack and slasher(not Dark Souls). ! :smiley:
Basically if your timing is right it’s a one-hit-kill. You have to evade and dodge a lot but weapons damage and armor is not that important. What’s important is your skills to predict situations and also aiming.
Yes, you have to aim at the enemy, there is no lock or auto aim support. If you know when and how(which combo to use) it’s an insta-kill.Health doesn’t matter that much.
The same applies to the enemies - all your mistakes will be penalized by instant death. ! :wink:

(Fred/K.S) #94

Im always inspired by yr progress keep it up buddy!:sunglasses:


(blenderaptor) #95

what hav eu done so far to optimize frame-rate ? Do you massively use python and math library or do you rely on logic bricks ?

(haidme) #96

It’s mostly Python code. However, optimizing framerate is not as code dependent as optimizing the overall scenes setup, which is actually the tricky thing in every engine…collisions, LOD, thicks, logic update, physics update, textures, ligths etc.
The code(Python) or loigic bricks are actually less important, when it comes to optimization.(as long as you are not typing BS)

(CYNIC78) #97

We are waiting for new updates! :heart_eyes:

(haidme) #98

I took a little break for the holidays :slight_smile: Resuming to work on the game next week.
What’s coming next:
Interface - menus,HUD, main screen

  • World maps
  • Character screen
  • Enemies upgrades screen…and many more.

HUD design in progress:

(CYNIC78) #99

Your game is just fantastic! Can’t get enough watching screens and video!
Happy hollidays and happy New Year haidme! :sunglasses:

(haidme) #100

Thanks CYNIC78,
Happy New Year to you too! :slight_smile: