Krum - Battle Arena

(blenderaptor) #101

The new Blade of Darkness ?

(Fred/K.S) #102

Woow so much eye candy Happy New Year @haidme


(Thomas Murphy) #103

This combat system is really coming along great!

(blenderaptor) #104

a general question : do pulse mode on sensors eat ressources ? i really feel it like a crazy loop running :frowning: i prefer avoid pulse mode, i feel it like a failure in the code architecture

do you avoid pulse mode in your game ?

(BluePrintRandom) #105

using ‘tap’ will make a script run exactly 1 time per trigger

if you have many many objects using

always(every frame)-------python

you may want to consider 1 object that holds a list of all these objects and runs them in a for loop.

edit: just reliezed I am off topic this thread is about Krum @blenderaptor

(Thomas Murphy) #106

Is this UPBGE or BGE?

(haidme) #107

It’s vanilla BGE 2.79c

(Thomas Murphy) #108

Nice. You are my hero.

(BluePrintRandom) #109

I thought it had hardware armature skinning patch + upbge cherry pick commits.

(haidme) #110

It had GPU armature skinning, but I had problems with the rig and turned back to vanilla bge.

(Fred/K.S) #111

Whats Vanilla BGE?


(haidme) #112

Means unmodified Blender game engine.

(Fred/K.S) #113

ohh thks buddy lol these forks can have funny names at times lol.
Alrighty Vanilla BGE = Standard BGE


(Thomas Murphy) #114

unlike the chunky chocolate chips of UPBGE

(haidme) #115

More UI screens

(Thomas Murphy) #116

Wow this is looking polished as hell! Are you using nodes? How is performance?

(haidme) #117

This is not in-game yet. It’s only designs for now. I’m starting to work on the UI this week.

(Safetyman) #118

Looks really cool man. You should design games or something. :grin:

(Fred/K.S) #119

the man is freaking making games u just dont play them!


(Fred/K.S) #120

Nice work there buddy really nice design, although i must say it does look too similar to idk maybe Shadow of the tomb raider and other RPG Games like elderscrolls or somethin. :thinking:

its truly AAA Level i really like this design choice!