Krum - Battle Arena

(haidme) #121

Yep, I used a lot of inspiration from TR UI. It’s an initial design and it may and probably will change in time but still, I need to start from somewhere.

(haidme) #122

Finishing all 9 waves for the first time…and I just realized there is no win condition in the game ! :smiley:
…but the UI is now working :wink:

Blender 2.8x new Game engine
( #123

Fantastic as always

(Ludovic_L) #124

So beautiful. Still cant believe thats its the BGE. The menu is nicely done too. Cant wait to play the game. :clap:

(Fred/K.S) #125

You continue to motivate me on my project as well buddy, NICE man keep it up!


(blenderaptor) #126

will you sell this ? Will we be able to mod the .blend ?

(haidme) #127

It’s too early in development. I’m still considering a number release options.

(Fred/K.S) #128

Scares me to hear that it will be paid to be played

i stopped buying Blender Games a long time Ago after Arctic Alive
Unless KRUM Gets a full on Sequel then i might consider buying it!


(haidme) #129

Nobody said it will be payed.
However the statement “i stopped buying Blender Games a long time Ago”, scares me. :slight_smile:
Almost seems like, the game engine is what defines a game, which is totally wrong.

(blenderaptor) #132

why his post has been flagged … lol … his game has boxes arguing with axes … just like krum :smile:

(Mr Lobo) #133

How did you make the slo-mo for epic movement?

(FinalBarrage) #135

Stop posting your game here. This is not your thread.

(Mr Lobo) #136

What about water materials?

(Fred/K.S) #137

My bad i take that statement back im buying Blender games for ever!

Whether its good or bad im cashing in to support every Game Dev using UPBGE or Vanilla


(haidme) #138

The problem is, that BGE is mostly used by inexperienced developers and that leads to the deludion, that BGE games are somehow not worth buying. :wink:
Same happens to Unity, but there are also many veteran devs using it, so it keeps its position as a good qty engine.

@ Mr_Lobo1
Slow mo is an engine time manipulation property:

time_scale = g.getTimeScale()
time_scale =1.0 # <1.0 slow-time effect  

Water is a shader, search the forums for a “water shader”.

(Fred/K.S) #139

Well we’re goina break that struggle of inexperienced Game Devs, Lets make geat 2019 titles for the BGE/ UPBGE :sunglasses::+1:


(hum-bee) #140

This looks really awesome! super smooth and nice animations too. The UI looks quite up-to-date :+1:

(haidme) #141

Krum - EoD vs Krum - BA
Only difference I see - the 2019 Krum is right-handed ! :wink:

P.S. The hair texture is still the same image, though.

(BigBlend) #142

Is there a reason why you’re not using any of the other forks of BGE? I’ve seen some youtuber review your previous game and they like that the enemies are hard to kill but the performance was really bad.

(haidme) #143

Krum - Edge Of Darkenss was made with Blender 2.49b. A game engine from 2006, many players had issues with the performance playing on newer hardware in 2015. Just 2.49b wasn’t supporting well GTX cards.
For now Krum - Battle Arena is performing well on most newest hardware, since it’s done in 2.79, which is the current official Blender version up to date. I haven’t tested it on RTX yet.

Is there a reason why you’re not using any of the other forks of BGE?

Mostly - issues with stability and crashes on various hardware, blocking by anit-virus programs…etc.
Other forks a great endeavours, however if you have to deal with Steam players…you have to be sure that at least the engine will be stable. I’ve made mistake releasing Krum - EoD after 7 years of development…too late.
With Krum - BA on other hand, I’ll do my best to release it before the official 2.80 release.

P.S. And yes, the new Krum will demand better hardware, like a lot better. You will not be able to play it on a machine older than 2016.