Krum - Battle Arena

(Mr Lobo) #144

How did you make the enemy defence and attacks?My game have only have a noob AI that only tracking to the player

(haidme) #145

The interface is almost done. I must say it was a huge challenge and tons of work. However, there is still a lot of work ahead. Stay tuned! ! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Uniday Studio) #146

As always: amazing!

I don’t know if you already finished the work on the graphics, but I’d like to suggest you something, if you allow me, of course: You could add some color correction into the game, such as hue, saturation and contrast adjustments.

I made a small test by printing a frame of your video and editing these variables in Photoshop (of course you’ll not apply this to the interface as well as I did):


In my opinion the game looks way better with the corrections (except the protagonist hair and skin, for some reason). An ambient occlusion + bloom will also boost the graphics a lot.

Of course, I’m only giving you some suggestions. Your game already looks amazing as is. I can’t wait to play!

(haidme) #147

Hey thanks!
I already have the color correction postprocess in the game. That’s why it looks less saturated. I can easily change it to look like your screenshot. But I think less saturated colors gives the game more realistic look and helps the overall immersion.
AO is off, you can switch it from options menu, Bloom is on by default. I’m trying to escape from the cartoony look. That’s why most filters are set to a reasonable values.
However, nothing is final yet. :slight_smile:

I’m comparing to DS3 colors

(Thomas Murphy) #148

This is wonderful and has come such a long way!!! All art greatly improved!

(blenderaptor) #149

yes, it’s terrific

(haidme) #150

Hey guys, I’ve made a tutorial and incorporated it into the game

( #151

Looks awesome, are you playing the videos on an overlay?

(haidme) #152

Hey thanks,
It’s the video texture class in BGE, that handles the videos. Basically I’m projecting the video (.avi,mkv…etc) on a plane, that is handeled by the video texture plugin.
You can find out more info about it here:

(blenderaptor) #153

do you ragdoll dead ennemies or it is animations ? It’s incredible you made this alone … :ok_hand:

(haidme) #154

Thanks, it is animation. I’m using free mocap data.

(Fred/K.S) #155

like i said on the discord server, :sunglasses: this is beyond amazing :scream: personally i see this game becoming the greatest blender game of all time it feels like todays AAA Games. Woooww duude, so amazing im hyped to play it!
(why do i say that because u killed it, The Gameplay Experience is going to be super fun and mind blowing, and games that are fun will remain the best for me not graphics or show off but just a fun amazing gameplay experience)

Insane Progress buddy :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


(Thomas Murphy) #156

Are you using mixamo?

(haidme) #157

Many of the animations are from mixamo. but heavily eddited. Looks like mixamo+bge is way flexible and usable combination than mixamo+unity or unreal and that’'s because you can edit/tweak the mocap on the fly in bge.

(Fred/K.S) #158

I noticed the animations since u started Battle Arena its not a bad way Infact we need something like mixamo but for BGE something that the community can use as a whole and tweak to their own personal liking. But it’s nice, overall i too have planned to use it as well since my projects are as demanding too, i hope it may shorten my development time on the games.


(haidme) #159

Mixamo was perfect before Adobe, it is not a specific oriented platform it is ment to be used by all 3d software and engines. I dont think we need something else for bge.

Blockquote ut
it’s nice, overall i too have planned to use it as well since my projects are as demanding too, i hope it may shorten my development time on the games.

Indeed! It will shorten your dev time alot. I’m estimating at least an year for mine project. :slight_smile:

(Mr Lobo) #160

Hi haidme,I found bge post-processing add-on made by Thatimster and it saves my lives!yuo should try it!

(blenderaptor) #161


do you use same armature than armature on mixamo or do you do some hacks to convert ?

(haidme) #162

I use the mixamo auto-rigging. Then import the collada file and do some more polishing and additional setting up of the armature. Then tweak the animations until they look like I want them to look in the game. First step is to remember to import collada not FBX files from mixamo and it should be with your character mesh not only the armature, otherwise you will need to re-rig it again in blender with the imported armature. And then…there are alot of other things you should do… but play a little bit with the imported model and armature first.
It is a long and relatively complex process. Especially if root bone needs re-doing and that was the case for most animations. Like, when you want your character to jump - you need to import a jump animation from mixamo and then delete the root bone frames and set it up again so it works with you character capsule jump animation.
In my game, importing animations from mixamo is a process of tweaking and setting up many things.
Pure mixamo imorting always looks unfinished and somehow detached from the game itself.

(blenderaptor) #163

Im’ used to convert with bone constraints. It works pretty well :slight_smile: