KRUM - Edge Of Darkness - available on Steam

KRUM - Edge Of Darkness is a tribute to all legendary hack and slash games, like Drakan, Severance:BOD, Rune and many others. If you love old school action RPGs I hope you will like this one.
The game leans heavily on action, its main features are:

  • Unique combat system
  • Various weapon combos
  • Looting almost everything and anyone around you - enemies and objects(barrels,pots,crates…)
  • Interesting story line set in a devastated but still beautiful world.
  • Using any environment object as deadly weapon.

Oh my god!!! this is awesome!!! im even playing in on an old machine and the lag isin’t that bad! Great work so far!

PS. Love the stupid enimy! he just stood there and let me hit him!!!:p:p

ultimate… i am speechless :slight_smile:
muah muah muah

i thought enemy will hit me…but hey itz damn gud

graphs and animation : excellent
control player : great
control camera: good
recommendation: for bow some cursor for sniper
good work man

Good , actually the graphics are rallry good , but you should be not using the method of alpha-planes trees , … it is old a little …

and when i played i have a feeling like they were havve , like if they were really carrying havey weapons ,… but the walkcycle of the enemy is strange as you said , …
very good , … and i will be better after eliminating those bugs there :slight_smile:

Very nice! :slight_smile:

The dynamic lighting in this game is awesome and it looks like you spent a lot of time on it, but there’s always a way to improve it. The trees, as mentioned before should 3D trees rather than plane mapped trees. It makes a lot of difference, trust me. This game has a long way to go in terms of being complete but for the early stage that its in it really does look great.

I wish you luck on this project and I hope to see more soon. :wink:

Tryed it and it looks great.
keep on going.

some suggestions/oppinions
when changing the weapon, when you scroll all the way up, it could start from the bottom again. e.g currently switching weapons goes axe—bow—sword—bow—axe
but it could be axe—bow–sword–axe, and also go back as it does now.
The arrows will stop in the air.
And also…dont use numpad controls or atleast make a possibility to choose the controls cos i have a laptop(no numpad)
When shooting the arrow,there could be possibility to hold the LMB down without shooting the arrow. releasing LMB should unleash the arrow.

Anyway looks very promising.

nice yob… how many polygons scene have? Can you post me the sand texture? I will used it in the stargate game… thanks

reminds me of the old game Rune! Great work!

screen-shots puleeeease!

Very nice start, keep working on it!!!

Yes thank you for advices. About the trees…the whole environment is temporary- the ground and trees are quckly almost automated generated by me. After I finish the main character movement and all specific actions…like battels, talks, inventory,climb, swim…and so on…I’ll pay attention to the environment…and ofcourse the trees will be 3D…there will be watewrfalls, planes filled with flowers, birds, bugs, rivers, dust particles(I like this tiny particles in the cool games…that made the whole atmosphere in the scene:)) ) Scorpion9 - you are so much right:)) I’ll do what i can about that weapon cycle and shooting.
One question: does somebody know how to animate texture…I’m sorry for the dumm question. I mean…in one 3D plane to change two or three images. I want to use it to animate the shadows af the characters.

P.S. Almost forgot…screenshots:

Please oh please post a .zip man. That game looks awesome.

Amazing work Haidme. You are completely insane. Good work.

EDIT: Turin. Get a program called 7zip, it can open .rar files.

ok, i’ll ask: what’s that weird shape there in the midlle of the scene?

how do you manage to have realtime shadows ? Arent you using blender GE ?

Yes, only Blender GE is what I use. The shadows are not real time. They a just planes with static .png and “track to” the opposit point of the sun. The effect is pretty good. I want to animate them but I dont know how to animate texture, if someone knows…

P.S. the weird shape…:)) is box for testing arrow shooting…it is harmless and with no other purpuse ;).

wow screens look impressive… gonna definitely give this a test… thanks for posting them :wink:

there is a solution, using video texture plugin. the only problem you’ll have is about the sun angle. even if you extrac the pics one by one ( using blender renderer) and then animate them with animation shop ( for example) you won’t be able to make the character rotate in different direction you with since the animation will be pre-rended.