Made viz for project you can buy this real estate in Russia, Krymea, Yalta.
There are many bugs and not exactly good details, but overall it is enogh.
Cycles, Blender 2.70a, used Sverchok somewere i.e. tents over windows, for orienting turned objects in space to particular cute. that is it.
objects taken from Blendswap:
“John Cooper Works Mini” by MrChimp2313
“Beach Chairs Set” by BigMouse
bicycle from “cycles materials” Brandon Farley
and maybe some other

people Dosch Images: People - Private Lifesome
cars i don’t realy remember where i took from

there is one more image from backyard. there is enforcing wall, that makes your days funny, you can play basketball with wall or make some shelves.

for water used ocean generator.
smoke from grill little internal render and than in GIMP combined

site under construction, but about ~month will sell houses. wellcome