Kryptonian Star Gate WIP

Inspired by the famous Stargate I decided to make from scratch ancient Kryptonian Star Gate.

Kryptonian Star Gate completed


Hmm, good so far.

Thanks Owldude

Here is update: static ring and chevron

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 3
DHD ( Dial-Home Device )

Oooh nice, I haven’t ever seen something like this in a movie so I don’t know what to think of it. :confused:

Not bad, but is this more based on Kryptonian Technology or more from the Stargate series?

Jor-El:“This is no fantasy - no careless product of wild imagination. No, my friends…”
@ Owldude, XeroShadow: Thanks!!! :slight_smile:
I follow a tv show SG1, Stargate: Atlantis and some SGU on SciFi. The technology of manipulation of the crystals used by Tok’ra, reminds me to Kryptonian technology. So, This is something new and “blended” :slight_smile:
Perhaps the Ancients left their mark on Krypton. Maybe someone is evacuated through Stargate before destruction of Krypton. It also leaves room for a journey into a parallel dimension, where the planet Krypton is not destroyed. Or time travel. Perhaps the destruction of Krypton caused by opening Stargate to P3W-451 ( black hole )… imagination has no limits… :slight_smile:

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 4
DHD update

Interesting theory. Looking forward on how it’s textured.

@ XeroShadow
Me too :smiley: I have not decided about the colors, but I think it will be a white and blue.
Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 5
Basically, this is the whole stargate… Next is UV unwrapping and texturing.

Blender 2.63 render

haha! funny idea!:smiley: i also like the crystals from stargate and superman, they have some things in common: ancient, highly developed alien cultures, extremely important for the storyline…
i look forward to see your final result!

@ Endight: Thanks.

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 6

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 7

Oooh, your latest post looks pretty cool. :slight_smile:

@ Owldude: Thanks, it’s almost done :smiley:

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 8

Nice, I would make it darker, it kinda looks a bit like it needs some lighting…?

i agree with owldude. if you want to make the symbols blue, i recommend to give the rest of the gate and dhd a dark color. just to have some contrast in it. do you intend to animate it? i’d love to see this thing animated!

@ Owldude, Endight: Thanks for the tip :wink:
In the movie “Superman” from 1978 can be seen that Krypton is a kind of icy planet, Kryptonian architecture is simple, big empty space, mostly all white… and I am not familiar with comic book version of planet Krypton.
Technologically and architecturally should be something like Atlantis (from Stargate: Atlantis)
10 days ago I was doubts about colors and honestly white color does not fit to me too.
I’ll try to be more gray or metallic and I’ll make that emits blue light from symbols.
I’ll also make rig so it may be animated. I do not understand why such a technological marvel must have mechanical components to open portals and wormholes… it is probably interesting for action in the movie but… ok :slight_smile:

The only thing I do not know how to make is kawoosh effect :frowning:

Kryptonian Star Gate WIP 8/9

Diffuse, Normal, AO, Specular, Emission textures are finished.
Remained simple environment and rig.

I like the attention to detail but imho the dais looks a little busy. Cool concept though, keep it up!

I think the problem with the lighting is that the blue parts are too dark a blue, and if they were really emitting light they would be much brighter, and would have a glare. Some compositing would make this scene pretty epic.