Krystal the Fox Project

The one user name littledragon who years ago created a model of his own in a software called DAZ Studio. A 3d software that can be used to create or recreate scenes of anything in the media. I have traveled the internet looking for help on getting this ported successfully to garrysmod but nothing happened. For those of you who desired this for a very longtime, look no further. I plan to gather a new team of people interested in the project and releasing it here for everyone to use in Gmod. If things go smoothly and we gain so much support, my team and I promise you of a greater take on the blue Vixen that is Krystal.

But I’ve had Krystal the Fox in garry’s mod many years ago?

WDYM, littledragon’s models were never in that game. If you can disproof this then I’d like to see it.

I don’t know about “littledragon’s models” but I’ve seen krystal in garry’s mod while playing around as a kid… in fact many versions

Krystal as an NPC from 2013
Krystal the fox as a skin 2019

OK, thx for the tip