KToon is broken!

Bad news to all opensource community, KToon project is broken…

From the site:

Our vision…
KToon is a 2D Animation Toolkit designed by animators (Toonka Films) for animators, focused to the Cartoon Industry. This project is covered by the GPL License using G++, OpenGL and QT as programming resources from KDevelop as the development platform. By now, KToon is only available for Unix systems but we expect to make it works on Windows systems too someday.

The main goals of this site are to provide resources (Screenshots, Mail lists, BugTracker, Wiki, etc) for the KToon’s community and to help for the development of this application with the aid of users and programmers around the world.

I’m not have any relationship with this project, but I read in Niel - Blender Forums (spanish community) from a user.

It’s a shame really, a GPL project maybe dissappear.
The site accept paypal.


sad to hear that but i’m trying to download the program to see what it is like and I can’t figure out how to download it. (WinXP)

that´s the problem they only have linux version :-s

I´ve donated some money (low amount I´m poor)… don´t know it its too late :-s donate people! damm I wanted to use this software so bad

Oh man that sucks!
I was really looking forward to this, as most really useful 2d animation packages have too many zeros before the comma. So again, no usable opensource 2d anim program in sight again. dammit! As they haven´t developed too much functionality till now, I guess there is no big enough userbase to rely on for continueing that project.


So they are on a campaign to continue developing ktoon, they currently are in $150 :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets help!



You want us to donate towards something we can’t use? no chance :stuck_out_tongue:

why do they need all that they are saying they do…

$110,000 for paying peple to work… its open source… why are they paying for office rent and stuff. they could get some jobs, and do it in their spare time. getting offices only when the community is big enough to support it.

I don’t understand.


I’ve just donated $5 on principle even though I have never used it (in the hope that it will be crossplatform one day). That said, the sum they want to raise is quite high IMHO (it is not like they are freeing the sources or anything).


I know :stuck_out_tongue: they are working on windows/osx port, they really need to do this NOW! and finally they understood

but anyway I have used the live cd version and it’s quite cool, that’s why I don’t want this project to die :slight_smile:


opensource 2d animation package.



you are kidding, right?

many times things go much faster when you have a place to work, and money to do it fulltime. also, opensourceness doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make a living out of it even.

as for a little example… if you look back how many community movie projects blender has had, and how many of those ever finished? and then in 6 months group of people in paid studio struggling fulltime managed to push one out… also look at the some of the features that come into blender at that time.


That looks extremely impressive! results look like 3D :eek:

thanks for the link

basse, not denying that money makes it go faster… however, they make it sound like the whole thing will dissapear if they don’t get money. It doesn’t quite make sense.

As for working full time on something being a “big motivator” i think thats more powerfull than anything else.

what does the blender community run on a year?


i dont know, but it’s not free.
partially because of that i guess. some of the features on this site for example have been delayed for so long.